Anupama 31st May 2022 Written Update Episode

Anupama And Anuj Meet Anu

Anupama 31st May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Anupamaa 31 May 2022 Written Episode on

Anuj and Anupama arrive at the orphanage with balloons for the children. They give balloons to the kids. A happy young girl may be seen roaming through the orphanage. Toshu offers Kinjal some juice and inquires about her well-being.

When he’s with her, she says nice things. He claims that his mother used to lecture him on the value of motherhood, and he used to wonder why she extolled the virtues of motherhood so much.

Now he realises that motherhood is the world’s most difficult experience, and he salutes all moms. Kinjal explains how Rakhi used to balance work and family life, as well as Anuj’s. Like Kinjal and Anupama, he wants to have a baby daughter. He tells her that once they return to Ahmedabad, he will find work and will be a decent husband and son.

Anu’s sari becomes tangled in the pillar’s anail. It is freed and left by a little girl. Anu said she believed she saw someone. Anuj speculates that it may be a female. Anu comes upon a little bracelet. Anuj believes the girl must be upset over losing her bracelet, and he promises to bring it to her.

They attend a birthday celebration for a boy. Anu wonders why they’re celebrating a boy’s birthday since it’s a girl’s orphanage. Anuj argues that wealthy individuals give presents to children, with some really wanting to rejoice and others just wanting to brag. Anu wonders why his buddy tolerates such braggarts. According to Anuj’s buddy, an orphanage not only operates on blessings but also on money to care for the children, so such birthdays are necessary.

He becomes upset when he describes how an orphaned child celebrates his birthday, recollecting how he celebrated his own 4-5 birthdays in the same way. Anu consoles him and prays that the children enjoy their birthday celebrations. A girl is depicted walking down with the assistance of another person.

Toshu goes on to explain how he would care for his newborn daughter. Kinjal claims that she would name her daughter Anupama after Anupama. She wishes for Anupama to become a mother once again. Anuj and Anupama are entertained by a little girl who does a dance to the tune of Bijli Girane Main Hoon Aayi. They are both astonished to watch her dance and applaud her.

Vivan’s wealthy parents present the girl with a gift on his birthday. When she realises she won’t be able to repay the favour, the girl refuses to accept it. Vivan’s mother refers to the children as beggars and has a condescending attitude. Hearing this, Anuj becomes enraged and sends Vivan to cut the cake with the kids, tongue-lashing Vivan’s parents for being so arrogant.

They wonder why he bothers. Anuj claims that he, too, is an orphan, and that they came to the orphans seeking social media fame. Vivan’s father is enraged and tries to strike Anuj. Anuj clutches his hand firmly. The father begs him to leave him alone. It’s an orphan’s grasp, according to Anuj. Anu helps him relax. Anuj advises them to go so they don’t embarrass their parents’ upbringing once again.

The girl and her buddy are later shown being given presents by Anuj and Anupama. The girl expresses her desire to receive the items once again.

Because they are orphans, a friend advises her to be content with what she has. Surprisingly, the girl prays Kanhaji in Anupama’s way, and they both do her nazar. According to the girl, it is forbidden to spit within the ashram. They tell her that they are going to execute her. She inquires as to who they are. They are Abhay’s pals, according to Anuj. She extends her greetings to them.

They inquire about her name. She says her name is Anu. They are both overjoyed, and Anupama claims that her name is Anu/Anupama as well. The Girl laments the fact that she is unaware of her own birthday. He tells her not to worry too much about it since she can celebrate her birthday every day, just as he did when he was a kid. He claims that children are unaware of their birthdays since their parents are aware of them; they will soon receive their presents. She praises him and asks Kanhaji to send her parents, who are like him. Hearing that makes them both emotional.

Precap: Anu expresses her desire to go to the beach.

Kinjal had an accident at home. Anuj and Anupama take Anu to the beach and talk about orphan adoption.

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