Anupama 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Vanraj And Leela Accuse Anupama

Star Plus Serial Anupama 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Leela requests that Mrs Anupama Anuj Kapadia not return to Shah House. Anupama is taken aback. Leela claims she wants everything for herself, but this is impossible since no one gets everything and everyone must make a compromise. She provides the example of deity Kanhaji abandoning Gokul when he moved to Mathura and never returned. She asks Anupama not to return and to be happy with her younger daughter and husband.

Vanraj agrees with Leela that Little Anu would bring additional troubles. Anupama wonders if she doesn’t come here, if there will be any fights in this house, if they will live happily without any issues, if Leela will stop cribbing, Vanraj will stop fighting, Toshu will reform himself, Pakhi will change her behaviour, and so on; all of these things will continue as two utensils strike when they are together; they cannot villainize her and place all of the blame on her. Vanraj claims that they would have at least one explanation out of several.

Anupama claims that she can’t live without seeing her children. Vanraj claims her children are unwilling to meet her. Anupama predicts confrontations between mother and children. Vanraj requests that she end her lesson here and continue it at her home. Anupama becomes adamant about continuing to see her relatives. Kavya claims that if Toshu and Pakhi go into problems, they would immediately look for Anupama. Kinjal supports Kavya and reminds Toshu of his desire to terminate their child. Toshu requests that Anupama hold her little daughter’s hand as they leave the home. Anupama is distraught. She goes on and on about the difficulties of being a mother. She tells how she gets blamed for everything and says she is not embarrassed to be Little Anu’s daughter, just as she is not ashamed to be the mother of her other three children.

Little Anu informs Hasmukh that mommy sent them because they must be fighting. Hasmukh claims he has no idea. Little Anu claims that they used to argue even at the ashram and always apologised; seniors are idiots to keep their resentment. Hasmukh believes she is correct. Little Anu declares that she will not let her mother weep.

Anupama continues her argument, saying that this home means everything to her and that she has a right to every inch of it, thus she would not leave even if they all attempt to stop her. Vanraj claims she given her speech and should go. Anupama’s work continues. Vanraj claims she is only concerned about her younger daughter, not Kinjal. Anupama claims she came here today to see Kinjal. Pakhi begins verbally abusing Kinjal when she says yes. Leela claims this is due to Anupama’s provocation. Vanraj urges Anupama to leave or he would kick her out of the home.

Anuj walks in and tells him not to touch his Anu. He comforts Anupama and says that Anu is strong enough to handle them all, but since she is emotionally unstable right now, he will respond on her behalf. He inquires of Vanraj as to what he said. Vanraj requests that he drop his college-boy attitude and pick up his wife from there.

Vanraj claims that his wife would only depart when she wants to, and he tells Anu that these individuals do not deserve her tears. Vanraj believes that his castle merits Anupama’s tears and that he should grasp his wife’s hand and remove her away from her. Vanraj says he’ll depart when they’ve counted their misdeeds. He confronts Pakhi about his mother’s remarks. Pakhi bluntly asserts that it is between her and her mother and that she should not intervene. Anuj claims that, just as her mother is not welcome here, Pakhi is not welcome in the Kapadia home, and that if he sees her there, Adhik will be on the road, and he will determine if Pakhi was behind Adhik or his wealthy lifestyle.

Vanraj claims that no one can be nasty to his daughter in his home. Nobody can talk rudley to his Anu, according to Anuj, and if Anu and Hasmukh were not around, he would have demolished Shah’s home. Vanraj claims that he, too, would have demolished his castle. Anuj claims that the brick and mortar construction is unimportant to him since he cherishes Anupama beyond all else. Vanraj suggests that they both merely act in this scenario.

Vanraj didn’t appreciate his first wife, and now he doesn’t value his second wife, according to Anuj. He believes Kavya is deserving of lot better. Vanrfaj cautions that provoking his family would result in him being unable to intervene. Anuj requests that he list it and email it to him. The conflict between Toshu, Vanraj, and Anuj continues throughout the drama. Vanraj returns to Anuj to pick up his wife and little daughter.

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