Anupama 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Pakhi shouts at her, referring to her as Anupama's puppet

Star Plus Serial Anupama 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Kavya requests that Little Anu go to Pakhi’s room and play with a teddy bear. Little Anu insists on being with her mother. Pakhi yells at her to accompany her mother to her home. Kinjal cautions her to be careful with the child. Pakhi shouts at her, referring to her as Anupama’s puppet. Rakhi asks Leela whether she would not hit her granddaughter today, despite the fact that she is always ready to smack anybody. Leela claims that doing so would exacerbate the matter. Vanraj informs Pakhi that she would be leaving the board. Pakhi claims she hasn’t begun yet.

Anupama invites Little Anu to play in Kinjal’s room. Little Anu insists on being left alone. Hasmukh promises tamarind candy and cream roll. According to Little Anu’s ashram instructor, if they are furious with a mother, God will be angry with them. Hasmukh declares that God can tolerate his insult but not a mother’s, and he takes Little Anu away. Pakhi observes that Anupama’s younger daughter is just like her and will deliver lectures when she is older. Anupama tells her to stop talking or else. Pakhi wonders what she will do next.

Anuj, while driving his automobile, realises that his Anupama is suffering greatly at both her parents and in-laws’ homes as a result of his efforts to keep them together; he must act now. Anupama asks Pakhi if she is suffering from hysteria since she is talking gibberish; she has just ejected her from the Kapadia residence because her father does not want her to remain there. Pakhi yells that her mother threw her out of the home after Barkha backed her.

Anupama claims she did not throw her out of the home and rather her father removed her. Pakhi, according to Leela, is speaking Adhik’s language. Rakhi mocks Leela by claiming that her granddaughter has already found her a son-in-law. Leela tells her to be quiet. Pakhi exclaims that she has her own brain to ponder with. What a joke, says Kavya. Pakhi claims that they are both making fun of her. Leela warns her to be careful around her mother. Pakhi claims Leela has been messing with Anupama for years.

Anupama tells her that Leela is her mother, and a mother may tell her child anything; this has been a norm for centuries, but contemporary children can trash their mother and doubt her parenthood. She adds Pakhi may continue to interrogate her and she will continue to respond, and she wonders who she is to prohibit her from visiting this home, which she owns. Pakhi claims she is stealing everything and wants it all for herself. Vanraj tells her once again to halt.

Pakhi suggests that she take her frustrations out today. Anupama believes she should speak out since it is now between her and her daughter. Pakhi claims she does not want her to come to the Kapadia home since she just wants it for her second daughter. Leela urges her not to misbehave around her mother. Pakhi claims to have learned it from her. Anupama requests that she continue. Pakhi claims she is the worst mother in the world, eager for money and unable to manage newly acquired riches, and so on.

Kavya remembers Anupama’s past support for her and asks Pakhi why she had a problem when her mother was impoverished and now when she is right. Pakhi claims Anupama wants them to dance to her melodies like Anuj, that she has god syndrome and puts herself first before her children, that she is selfish and hypocritical, and so on. Hasmukh gives Little Anu a cream roll and inquires as to why she declines.

Little Anu claims that they eat sweets when they are happy, but how can she be happy while her mother is sad? Hasmukh adds they may take sweets to make themselves happy. Little Anu inquires and begins eating a cream bun. Hasmukh believes that a love connection is more important than a blood link; Anu’s own daughter didn’t understand her her whole life, but a young child understood her within a few days.

Pakhi’s misconduct continues. Toshu arrives home and inquires of Kinjal as to what is going on. Rakhi describes the same old drama with ten times the ferocity. Anupama wonders whether Pakhi is upset because her mother isn’t continuously sobbing and rushing about her, begging her for food, wearing an old cotton sari, and always looking sad.

Pakhi claims that her parents just know how to talk sarcastically. Anupama says that children like her want moms to feel sad and encourages her to continue. Pakhi claims to be a homebreaker who has destroyed all of the relationships around her and likes causing trouble for everyone. Anupama stumbles in surprise. Kavya encourages her and scolds Pakhi for being ungrateful to her mother.

Rakhi cautions Kavya not to overreact since Pakhi is stating the harsh reality, and Pakhi would be even more startled to witness Anupama adopting a small girl from nowhere. Kinjal tells her to come to a halt. Rakhi considers adopting a kid and requests that Kinjal teach her nursery songs and give her chocolates. Kinjal claims that if she can’t properly care for one kid, how can she care for another? Rakhi claims that she raised her kid properly, as opposed to Anupama’s daughter.

Kavya claims Pakhi is mannerless because her papa allows her to be; Vanraj should be a good parent and teach his daughter some manners. Vanraj claims he knows what to teach and that Kavya should not intervene. Kavya claims that if he does not stop Pakhi, she would misbehave with him as well. Vanraj inquires as to when she began teaching. Kavya asks why he didn’t say anything after he finished lecturing. Toshu holds Anupama responsible for the circumstances. Leela commands a halt, informs Pakhi that she will speak with her later, and declares that Mrs Anupama Anuj Kapadia will no longer visit this residence. Anupama is taken aback after hearing this.

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