Anupama 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Anupama claims it is Kanhaji's favourite and has great medicinal

Star Plus Serial Anupama 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Little Anu conducts tulsi ji and surya/sun pooja with Anupama and inquires as to why they do so. Anupama claims that if people do not pray to the sun, it would not rise and there will be no life on Earth. Anupama inquires about Tulsi Ji. Anupama claims it is Kanhaji’s favourite and has great medicinal properties, as well as providing them with oxygen at night; there is science behind each pooja.

She prays that since one lady has multiple connections, Kanha would protect each one. Anuj observes them with a smile and informs Little Anu that she would pay a visit to her nanu papa/residence Hasmukh’s today.

Pakhi video chats with Adhik and complains that her parents are to blame for everything going wrong. Adhik assures her that everything is OK and that he misses her. Pakhi is overjoyed to hear that. Adhik believes she should have remained at his place since he enjoys having her there. I love you, she says. I love you, he says. She becomes increasingly eager and declares that she will meet him outside of campus.

Anupama discusses the significance of Shravan maas puja with Little Anu. GK is informed about the puja by Little Anu. Barkha believes it is beneficial for females to visit their parents’ homes for pooja, and she wishes Pakhi will visit them since she is concerned for Pakhi. Anuj tells her not to be concerned about Pakhi. According to Barkha, someone should be concerned about Pakhi. Anuja claims that someone’s name is Anupama, hence Barkha should not be a brother.

Ankush claims that Barkha and Adhik are doing nothing. Anuj claims he did not steal Adhik’s name and urges him not to repeat what he did the day before. Barkha claims he cannot talk to Adhik in this manner. Anuj inquires as to whether Adhik is not his cherished one. Adhik, according to Ankush, is. Anuj says he can chastise and smack his loved ones, but he doesn’t want it to happen. He requests that Ankush find job for Adhik. Barkha and Adhik are silent.

Pakhi’s hair is braided by Kinjal. Vanraj inquires about Pakhi’s absence from college. Pakhi claims that her two lectures have been cancelled, thus she will be late. Vanraj gives her money and requests that she take a taxi. Pakhi inquires whether he would not drop her off at college. Vanraj claims she asked for a chance, therefore he is providing it to her. Leela claims he is making a mistake since Pakhi would abuse it. Vanraj requests that she not intervene between him and his daughter.

Anupama’s hair is braided by Anuj. The song “Na Kajre ki dhaar, a motion ke haar.” is playing in the background. Anupama wonders why he brought up yesterday’s occurrence when there is already tension in the home. Anuj claims that family members build and demolish houses, therefore they must act at the appropriate moment.

He claims that he knows what Ankush, Barkha, and Adhik are doing, and that she should as well; avoiding little conflicts among family members is excellent, but forgiving their major misdeeds is dumb, and he wants them both to avoid it. According to Anupama, there will be more festivities in the following months. Anuj says he would notify Ankush and Barkha of his choice, and Anupama should not stop him. Ankush overhears their chat and speculates on Anuj’s decision.

Leela’s kheer is popular among Kinjal. Leela believes it is time for the baby to arrive. Rakhi enters and announces that it is time for Naani/Grandma to arrive. Leela wonders why she often barges in unannounced. Rakhi claims she only has one daughter and one samhava.:eela requests to see her daughter without spitting hatred. Kavya informs Leela that Rakhi has arrived to visit her daughter, so she should unwind. Rakhi mocks the fact that she is witnessing an enhanced Kavya 2.0 version who is acting well. Kavya inquires as to when she would be able to see Rakhi 2.0.

Never, according to Rakhi. Hasmukh inquires about her arrival season. Rakhi claims she has reserved the greatest maternity suite at the top hospital for Kinjal’s birth. Vanraj claims that this implies she did not come to see her daughter, even though they could have reserved a hospital room. Rakhi claims that they screwed up the baby shower ceremony, that a daughter’s first birth is a mother’s right, that there would be a lot of work after delivery, that she would have trusted them if Anupama was there, and so on.

Leela is outraged and confronts her. Kinjal encourages them to stop arguing and informs Rakhi that she has previously advised her not to raise a problem at her in-laws’ house; she also asks Baa if their quarrel is significant to her since her delivery would take place at her in-laws’ place. She is terrified. Her family consoles her. Vanraj claims Kinjal’s birth will take place in her in-house. law’s Rakhi contacts her assistant and instructs her to pack her belongings since she would be staying at the Shah residence till Kinjal’s birth. Shahs are taken aback by her appearance. Rakhi claims that if there is an issue with Kinjal’s stay at her mother’s home, she would remain till Kinjal is delivered.

Anu arrives, saying she brought balloons for the baby. Rakhi converses with her and is surprised to learn that Anupama adopted her. Anupama enters the room. Pakhi yells at her, asking why she came here when I am not permitted in her home, and tells her to go with her kid. Vanraj requests that she behave. Pakhi keeps shaming Anupama. Kavya becomes enraged because she has never seen an arrogant and mannerless girl like Pakhi in her life and wonders why she has a problem if her mother is fostering a small girl, she used to run to her ignoring her more before acting as a troubled child, then she acts as an adult having an affair, and now she acts as an adult having an affair, and now she is displaying her utter shameless and rude behaviour towards her mother.

Pakhi remarks on someone who had an affair with her father and urges her to quit supporting her sautan. Vanraj tells her to come to a halt. Pakhi advises him not to meddle in her situation. Little Anu asks her not to argue with her mother. Little Anu is yelled at by Pakhi. Anupama wonders whether she’s insane for misbehaving with a child. Pakhi continues to yell and misbehave.

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