Anupama 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Anuj urges him to close his lips and questions

Star Plus Serial Anupama 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Vanraj consoles Pakhi while she sobs. Ankush inquires about Anuj and Anupama’s well-being at the Kapadia residence. They agree with a nod. Barkha wonders how they can be happy after seeing Vanraj’s play. Anuj informs Anupama that he doesn’t mind her children’s presence, but he does mind Vanraj’s uncalled wrath since Little Anu is staying here and he doesn’t want any negative impact on her mind.

Adhik believes Vanraj uncle… Anuj urges him to close his lips and questions why he went to Shah’s home to look for Pakhi’s clothing. Adhik, according to Barkha. Anuj urges him not to help Adhik in his wrongdoings and advises her to counsel Anupama first before making any commitment to Pakhi and to be cautious from now on. Anupama attempts to calm him down by holding his hand. Anuj begs Adhik not to visit Shah’s home from now on, and Barkha not to persuade Pakhi to remain here since her destiny would be decided by her parents. Ankush follows him as he walks away.

Vanraj tells Pakhi that he strives to be a good parent every day, but children only see their mother as a friend and their father as an adversary; he did his hardest to become her friend, and she should consider him at the very least a father, if not a friend. He claims that he only has his parents and children in his life, that he does everything for his children, and that he does not want to be apart from them. Kavya is hurt to hear it.

Anupama, on the other hand, believes she would not let her children go at any cost. Ankush apologises to Anuj on behalf of Barkha and Adhik and says he will talk with them. Anuj expresses gratitude to him. Ankush inquires whether he is upset with Anupama. Never, according to Anuj. Ankush tells him to relax and compliments him on his nail polish, stating that Sara used to do the same thing with him when he was a kid. Anuj chuckles.

Vanraj promises Pakhi that he would work hard to get money for her and that he needs her help. Pakhi apologises to Vanraj for her behaviour and claims that Anupama no longer loves him since she has a new daughter. Kinjal claims that this is not the case. Pakhi claims that if Anuj or Anupama had begged her to stay back at least once, she would have agreed. Ankush’s tongue lashes Adhik for attempting to exploit Pakhi since he would get nothing from it.

Adhik wonders what’s wrong with trying; he’ll receive a lot of responses since parents love their children unconditionally, and Vanraj’s strong exterior would readily crumble in the face of Pakhi’s tears. Ankush claims they will be on the road before that since Anuj has spared them today but would not in the future if they make the same mistake. Ankush, according to Barkha, is correct. Adhik claims to understand what he is doing.

Anuj returns to his room, and Anupama inquires if she is upset. No, says Anupama. Anuj inquires if she loves him or not. She says a lot of things shyly. He claims he MaAn her and that he would get Sara’s little Anu from her chamber. Anuj becomes passionate and leaps on the bed, injuring himself with toys tossed by young Anu on it. Anupama promises to clean them right away. He encourages her to put the past behind her and respect her husband’s sentiments. She is embarrassed.

Vanraj is confronted by Kavya for believing his parents and children to be his family but not her. He claims that is not the case. She claims he constantly avoids her when it comes to family, much as he used to neglect Anupama, and Pakhi believes Anupama is ignoring her over Little Anu, which is incorrect. She claims Anupama never sought to remove children from him or inflamed them against him, but when Pakhi spoke against Anupama, Vanraj remained silent, and she believes he did it on purpose. Vanraj defends himself, claiming that Anupama was removed from her children. Kavya discusses how he perceives himself to be always right and others to be incorrect.

Vanraj visits Pakhi’s bedroom and pampers her as she sleeps. Anupama dials Pakhi’s number. Vanraj answers the phone and claims she is asleep. Anupama inquires as to whether she was sobbing. Vanraj confirms this and assures Anupama that he understands how to manage his daughter. Anupama has a nightmare about taking a family selfie and finding just herself in it. All of her relationships, including Anuj, are drifting away from her.

She screams, clutching Anuj and begging him not to leave her. Anuj consoles her, saying that dreams are the product of one’s imagination, and that she should adjust her imagination. He instructs her to shut her eyes and visualise her whole family around her. She imagines the same thing and falls asleep comfortably. Anuj begs God to grant him all of Anupama’s worries and to spare her any hardship. The next morning, Anupama conducts tulsi pooja with Little Anu and believes she did not see Samar in her dream and prays to God for his protection. Anuj smiled when he saw them praying.

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