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Anupama must have provoked her

Star Plus Serial Anupama 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Adhik comes home and tells his family that he visited Shah’s residence. Everyone was taken aback when they heard it. Barkha inquires as to what Vanraj said. Adhik remains silent. Vanraj walks in and says he came here to express himself. Hasmukh confronts Leela over not keeping Vanraj from visiting the Kapadia home. Leela claims that her son is not a child who would follow her, and that if Kapadias sets light to a bomb, it will certainly detonate.

Anuj guides Little Anu to her room. Little Anu wonders whether they’ll quarrel. Vanraj sarcastically asks Anuj whether he has taught his daughter who is the hero and who is the villain in this situation. Anupama assures Little Anu that they are not fighting and sends her to room. Little Anu goes away, asking Vanraj to return to her chamber for a cup of ginger tea later.

Vanraj requests that Pakhi accompany him home. Pakhi is adamantly opposed. Anupama is too tired to talk. Vanraj accuses Anupama of attempting to remove him from his children and claims that since Pakhi lacks the guts to resist him, Anupama must have provoked her. Ankush explains that although he may be stressed, fighting is not a solution and that he should relax. Vanraj wonders what might have happened if his daughter had remained at someone else’s place.

Ankush said he would have been enraged, but Pakhi arrived to her mother’s home, so he shouldn’t have any issues. Vanraj claims that Ankush’s BIL lives here and that he would not allow his daughter to remain there. Barkha tells him not to pull her brother into it and to address his own issue. Vanraj threatens Pakhi with dragging her from here if she does not accompany him. Pakhi yells she will not come.

Anuj advises them both to quit acting out at the entrance and instead discuss in a room. Vanraj’s mocking statements continue to irritate Anuj and Ankush. Pakhi swears she will not depart from there, no matter what. Barkha wonders what is wrong with a daughter living at her mother’s home. Leela blames Kavya for the situation and refers to her as a cosmetics lady, while Barkha is referred to as a backless woman. Kavya urges her to stop calling her by name and asks what if she calls her swing lady, knee pain oldie, mocking woman, and so on, and adds that everyone has their own choice, just as she does, and warns her to stop calling her by nicknames and instead address her by name. Leela attempts to talk. Kavya stops her and says she can assume Kinjal’s duty, and when Vanraj assigns her certain responsibilities, she criticises her and complains to Vanraj; what more can she do when Leela continually interferes?

Vanraj requests that Barkha refrain from interfering in his family matters, or else he would say something, to which Ankhush and Anuj will respond. Anupama requests that Pakhi return home immediately. Anuj also requests that Pakhi obey her parents’ wishes and return home immediately. Vanraj accuses Anupama of having an affair with Anuj and claims that her daughter is on the same road.

Anupama claims she loved Anuj and did everything in open, whereas Vanraj had an unlawful romance for 8 years while still married and cheated on his wife. Vanraj claims she competed with him at the time. Anuj advises him to put an end to his drama. Pakhi claims that her parents may have an affair but have a difficulty when she falls in love. She continues to express her annoyance and refuses to go. Vanraj informs her that if she does not join him, she would be forced to remain at the Kapadia residence indefinitely.

When Vanraj does not answer the phone, Kavya decides to pay a visit to the Kapadias. Leela interrupts her and criticises Anuj and Anupama’s choice to adopt a kid, saying she has no idea what Adhik and Pakhi are doing there. Kavya says they both are grownups and know their etiquettes. Leela claims she is babbling. If Kavya is unable to travel there, Anupama will have to manage the situation immediately. Vanraj’s demand is met by Pakhi.

She holds Anupama and says in her ears that she is giving her actual daughter away for her new daughter, and that she may return to live permanently in this home. Anupama is taken aback after hearing it. Pakhi throws Anupama a scornful glance before getting into Vanraj’s automobile. Anupama is sobbing outside. Anupama is consoled by Anuj. When Barkha sees this, she becomes envious and wonders why they never quarrel.

Pakhi arrives home, throws her luggage down, and marches angrily towards her room. Leela pulls her aside and chastises her for intending to remain at Kapadia House. Kavya begins sobbing and says she likes Adhik and his rich life, that she is weary of the turmoil at Shah’s home, and then criticises Vanraj, saying Anuj is better than him since Anuj trusts his daughter while Vanraj does not. Vanraj calls out her name.

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