Anupama 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Anuj Feels Let Down By Barkha And Ankush

Star Plus Serial Anupama 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Leela does Anuj’s nazar and requests that Anupama do it every day. Anuj, according to Hasmukh, has a fresh lease on life. Because of Vanraj, Anuj claims. Vanraj claims that anybody in this circumstance would have acted the same. Anuj claims that not everyone is as honest as they seem, since his sibling deceived him and his adversary helped him. Even Anuj, claims Vanraj, would have acted similarly. Thanks to Vanraj, Anupama is able to save Anuj’s life. Ankush verbally abuses Barkha for her failed plot. Barkha questions why he stood by her while she was preparing legal paperwork and why he is suddenly withdrawing. Ankush promises they will soon be travelling. Little Anu remarks that when Vanraj is not furious, his moustache uncle looks lovely. Vanraj tells them to make fun of him. Given that he has a fresh lease on life, Anuj advises him to control his rage and quit fighting.

Rakhi makes fun of Barkha, telling her to feel embarrassed of herself. Barkha tells her to stop talking. Anupama, according to Rakhi, destroyed Barkha’s plan. If Anuj hadn’t been fortunate enough to wake up from his coma, according to Barkha, she would have prevailed. Rakhi claims that Anupama is Anuj’s lucky charm and that Anuj would not spare her family at this time; rather, they will soon be on some temple steps. Shahs choose to go. GK promises to bring them treats that Little Anu will adorn. Rakhi and Barkha are made fun of by Leela, who claims that because they resemble one other, Rakhi should remain in this home with Barkha. Barkha will have to leave the home on her alone, Rakhi teases, and Little Anu will sing Rain Rain Go Away. She gets yelled at by Barkha for insulting her in her own home.

Leela scolds Barkha for her plot and declares that Anuj won’t be kind to her. Hasmukh and Kavya implores her to be calm. GK presents Rakhi and the Shah family gifts in exchange. Ankush and Barkha are taunted by Vanraj, who claims he was correct about them from the start and that they should leave the Kapadia home before Anuj throws them out. He also claims that since Anupama is a genuine person and has known her for 26 years, any plot against her would fail. Barkha is informed by Ankush that they are done.

Anuj is moved to his bed by Anupama. Whatever happened today, says Anuj. Anupama lays on his shoulder after stating that he won’t talk. The next morning, Vanraj works his leg. If she can assist him, Kavya enquires. He rejects the offer. Kavya apologies to him for not being able to trust him to be his wife. Vanraj advises against blindly believing anything, thanks her for standing by him despite his doubts, and expresses sympathy for Anuj given his current state of mental and physical anguish. God only knows how Anuj will handle it, claims Kavya.

Together with Little Anu and Anupama, Anuj eats breakfast. Barkha and Ankush enter. Little Anu is expelled by Anupama. Barkha and Ankush attempt to converse. They are asked to leave by Anuj. According to Barkha, they had doubts about Vanraj and were concerned about him. Rather of worrying about Anupama and Little Anu, they were concerned with themselves. According to Barkha and Ankush, they were concerned that Vanraj would manipulate Anupama and use the circumstance. Anuj asks them to leave after stating that he is not interested in speaking with them. GK notifies of the arrival of the doctor. Barkha and Ankush leave the room. Adhik is confronted by Pakhi for his sister’s inappropriate conduct against her family. Adhik claims that he has no control over what her sister does and that Pakhi has often misinterpreted her family. He begs her not to let their family conflict ruin their relationship. She settles down and consents.

Anuj’s recovery from the coma is spectacular, according to the doctor, who also advises him not to take any stress. Anupama departs to deliver him. Little Anu wonders whether Ankush and Barkha are okay while she plays with Anuj. No worry at all, according to Ankush. Anupama questions the doctor about the safety measures to be followed. He warns her that Anuj could need some time to coordinate his body and mind and advises her to be cautious around him. Barkha approaches her like Ankush does. Toshu and Vanraj converse in the Shah home. Samar approaches him and says, “Papa, I’ve never said this before, but today I want to say I’m proud of you.” Vanraj gives him a heartfelt embrace. Samar is pleased of him since hardly everyone risks their life to rescue the lives of others. Even his father, according to Hasmukh, is proud of him. They give each other familial hugs.

Anupama receives an apology and an admission of guilt from Ankush and Barkha. They overstepped their bounds, according to Anupama, and she doesn’t want to offend Anuj. They want her to persuade Anuj to let them remain there till they can find somewhere else to stay. Anuj wanted them to leave before the accident, and Anupama claims she would not after what they did; she was doubtful, but he was correct; it’s best if they remain away from us. Where will they take Sara and Adhik, wonders Ankush. Anupama asserts that because Anuj made the choice and she is unable to alter it, they should cease portraying her as the victim of their plot to seize her economic empire and character assassination. She claims that since the doctor told her not to stress Anuj, she should focus on keeping him healthy and happy since she is unable to support them any more.

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