Anupama 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Anuj Is Out Of Coma

Star Plus Serial Anupama 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Anupama reads the legal notification delivered to Barkha. Barkha wonders whether she knows what she should do next. Anupama says it perfectly and then burns the papers. Leela inquires as to what was written on that piece of paper. Anupama issues a legal notice and informs Barkha that she would respond to each of her questions, but her husband is in profound agony after seeing Barkha’s real character and does not want to torture him any more. She puts Anuj back in his bed and tells him not to worry about it since they would not allow anybody spoil their celebration today.

She returns to Barkha and says that if she wants a drama, she would answer all of her questions. She asks Adhik if he has any questions as well. Barkha claims Anupama only burned one notice; they will get several copies and ensure Anupama does not care after Anuj and his family company till he recovers. Ankush claims that they are certain that Vanraj pushed Anuj off the cliff and that Anupama is protecting him. They are concerned that Anupama will transfer their family business to her children and that they do not trust her, so they have decided to actively participate in the business and he will handle the Kapadia empire.

Anuj begins to blink his eyes open. Anupama claims that Barkha and Ankush began a Mahabharath in which they are both Shakuni and Duryodhan, but they forgot that anytime Mahabharath occurs, Krishna would appear. She prays to the idol of Bal Gopal. Anuj stirs in his sleep, shaking his hands and lips. He dials Anupama’s number. GK observes this and instructs the nurse to contact Anupama as soon as possible. Anupama is informed by the nurse that Anuj has regained consciousness and is contacting her. Anupama and Shahs are overjoyed, but the Kapadias are taken aback. Anu comes to Anuj and sobs while embracing him, stating her Kanhaiya has back. Anuj screams and yells her name constantly. He becomes enraged when he sees Barkha and Ankush and declares that he has heard everything and wants to speak. Anupama tells him to rest since he has just awoken.

Anuj responds, “Let him speak,” and informs Anuj and Barkha that they overstepped their bounds by revealing their real colours and attempting to take his company. Ankush claims they don’t need his business and are concerned about him. Anuj claims he will legally remove them from his company, and they are serving legal notice on family members. Anupama, according to Barkaha, is backing Vanraj, the man who shoved him from the cliff. Anuj says, “So what?” He recalls the whole scenario. He remembers a fight near the cliff’s edge that day, during which Vanraj shoved him down the cliff. Hearing it, Ankush and Barkha smile. Anuj claims that did not occur and that he will expose the truth immediately; Vanraj did not push him down. Rakhi whispers a tale twist.

Anuj remembers telling Vanraj that he is incorrectly viewing him as a villain, but the truth is different. Vanraj believes that both families should cease interacting, and that Anuj should send Adhik back to the United States since he does not want any new relationships with the Kapadia family. That, according to Anuj, is virtually impossible. Vanraj claims he is about to become a grandpa and does not want the Shah and Kapadia families to be together again. Anuj shakes his hand and adds, “It’s impossible.” If Vanraj does not agree, he threatens to go to extremes. Anuj releases his hand and inquires as to what he intends to accomplish. He makes a mistake. Vanraj is holding his hand. Anuj motions for him to go. Vanraj replies he can’t and cautions him to be cautious. They both plunge down the cliff.

Anupama tells him to relax. Anuj claims that Vanraj didn’t let go of his hand even while falling because he wanted to rescue him. Vanraj expresses gratitude to him for relieving him of his guilt. The Shahs are grateful to Anuj for giving them a new lease on life. Vanraj apologises to Anupama for causing her trouble. Anupama inquires of Anuj if she should contact Little Anu. Anuj says no, and informs Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik that Vanraj will not go to prison, but he is unsure what he would do to them. Barkha claims they were only protecting him.

Anuj claims they lied and never once said that they left the United States and relocated to India after losing their company there. Rakhi believes the Shahs and Kapadias are both bankrupt. Anuj claims that he and Anupama brought them into the family and company, but when he became ill, they revealed their real colours. Anupama tells him to relax. Little Anu approaches him and begs if they might celebrate his and Kanhaji’s birthdays together. Anuj agrees and slices the cake. Anupama feeds him cake before moving on to Little Anu. Anuj hugs both of them.

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