Anupama 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Barkha Creates Trouble

Star Plus Serial Anupama 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

The Janmashtami festivities begin at the Kapadia home. Ankush is irritated to find workplace personnel at home and informs Barkha that he had no idea Anupama brought employees home. Barkha believes it’s fantastic since they’ll have to work for us in the future. On the song Mohe Panghat Pe.., Anupama dresses Anuj as Krishnaji and herself as Radha ji and dances around Anuj’s wheelchair. Following the show, everyone applauds. She then has Anu cut the cake and serve it to Little Anu first. Leela summons everyone to Shah House for puja and realises Vanraj is gone. Pakhi wonders what would happen if he went to Anuj’s place. According to Leela, this would be a major calamity. She is relieved to see Vanraj at home.

Anuj’s pocket is emptied of legal paperwork. Anupma finds them while strolling and is ready to inspect them when Barkha grabs them and claims ownership. Anupama walks away. Anuj’s carelessness enrages Barkha. Anupama observes them and suspects they are both up to something. Both households begin pooja. Anuj had a flashback of the accident. Vanraj remembers Anupama blaming him for the disaster and quietly exits when the family is doing pooja. While everyone is occupied with pooja, he pays a visit to the Kapadia estate and apologises to Anuj. Everyone is surprised to see him there. Vanraj swears to his children that he did not want to intentionally injure him and that he made a mistake for which Anuj is suffering. He begs Anuj to recover quickly for the sake of Anupama and Little Anu.

Pakhi enters next, recalling her time with Vanraj. From there, Servant takes Little Anu. Ankush asks Barkha whether Vanraj is insane for coming here. Barkha thinks it’s great that he came to make a play. Anupama inquires of Vanraj as to why he has come here. Adhik believes Pakhi is stupid for bringing Vanraj here, but it’s excellent for him and Barkha. Vanraj claims he tried and failed to recollect what transpired during the collision. Rakhi arrives, wishing everyone a happy Janmashtami and explaining that she had visited Shahs and came here after watching Pakhi and Vanraj leave the home. Adhik wonders how she knows they got here. Rakhi claims that she is aware that the Shahs celebration would be incomplete without drama, and that they would come here.

Vanraj gets yelled at by Barkha to halt his act. Anupama tells her to stop since it’s Anuj’s birthday and she shouldn’t make her janmashtami into durgashtami. Barkha continues to humiliate Vanraj. Leela and Hasmukh enter, anxious about Vanraj. Barkha claims that her whole family gathered to make a drama. Leela claims they came to reclaim Vanraj. Ankush claims they would have called instead. Anupama requests that the drama be halted on Anuj’s birthday. Barkha accuses her of not loving Anuj and accuses him of marrying a divorced lady with three children. She maintains her support for Vanraj despite his admission of shoving Anuj down a cliff. Kavya refers to this as humanity, which Rakhi and Barkha are unaware of.

Barkha continues to criticise Anupama’s character, claiming that they don’t trust her to look after Anuj or the Kapadia enterprise. Anuj’s eyes tremble with rage. Anupama claims that once Anuj became unwell, Barkha and her spouse revealed their real colours. Barkha claims she hasn’t yet seen her real colours and hands her legal documentation. Anupama is stunned when she reads the paperwork.

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