Anupama 20th October 2022 Written Update

Anupama Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Anupama 20th October 2022 Written Update on

Anupama 20 October 2022

Today Anupama Episode Starts with

Leela cries out. She is urged to calm down by Anupama else her health would continue to decline. Leela declares that she should let her health go to bad since she wants to marry Pakhi and get rid of her before she furthers their family’s honour. Pakhi is not something to get rid of, according to Anupama. If Leela hadn’t been sick, according to Barkha, she wouldn’t have let Leela to discuss marriage. Pakhi, according to Anupama, has not yet finished her coursework. According to Leela, Pakhi has a degree from a resort, and she just wants to get rid of her. Boy and girl should get along, according to Anuj, and their horoscopes should line up. Pakhi claims that while there was a difficulty with her and Adhik’s former affair and subsequent marriage, she would wed Adhik no matter what. She receives a warning from Vanraj to stop acting absurdly and is given the directive that she will not leave the home or go to college starting today.

Frustrated While Kavya attempts to calm her down, Pakhi enters her room and locks the door from within. Adhik receives a call from Pakhi informing him that Vanraj has forbidden her from attending college after finding out about their behaviour. Adhik asserts that they are adults with the capacity to make decisions for themselves and to vote. When asked how she would meet him now, Pakhi responds that he is correct. Kavya worries that Pakhi could hurt herself. Barkha and Ankush claim they are leaving right now. Vanraj cautions them to restrain their son or they may not agree with his method of explanation. Ankush advises him to rein in his daughter if he wants Vanraj to accept their method of explaining things to her. Ankush and Barkha leave the room.

Anuj remembers the recent men’s party and informs Anupama that he was mistaken in believing that everything is back to normal and their lives would only be filled with pleasure. However, Anupama should not fear as everything will be well soon, according to Anuj. When Anupama sobs, he soothes her. He offers her a tamarind candy and explains that he had it yesterday since he had been missing her. Anupama gives him praise. He never stops consoling and encouraging her.

When Samar walks into Pakhi’s room, she hangs off the phone and Adhik and she continue talking. Adhik assumes that a visitor has arrived. Samar claims he reprimanded her because he doesn’t agree with her behaviour, but he is still at her side since she values her happiness above everything else. Pakhi thanks him and expresses her excitement at hearing this. When he first encountered Nandini, Samar felt she was the one, so he inquires as to if she is certain that she and Adhik are in love and not just infatuated. With references to Toshu, Samar, Anuj, Kinjal, and others, Pakhi asserts that she is certain of it. However, she admits that she previously believed that first love was an overused cliché. She queries why she cannot have a love marriage while Anupama, Dolly, and Kinjal do.

After arriving home, Anuj informs Adhik of the dire circumstances. He needs a job at Adhik’s firm, his sister and BIL aren’t supporting him, and he wants Anuj to at least do so. Adhik claims he loves Pakhi deeply and wants to marry her. He also wants to demonstrate this love since Anuj is aware of what first love is. He adds that their plan included catching Pakhi and using her against Anupama. Anuj becomes enraged and queries who else. Adhik names Barkha, himself, and Ankush. Hearing that makes Ankush and Barkha nervous. Samar warns Pakhi that circumstances in life might change at any time, so she should be ready for anything. Her brother would always be there for her, he promises her.

Adhik is pulled aside by Barkha, who challenges him to stop blathering in front of Anuj. Adhik explains to Anuj that they had intended to use Pakhi to take control of the Kapadia empire after seeing Anuj giving Anupama access to the empire’s capabilities since they were aware of Anupama’s proximity to Pakhi. He claims he is telling him this because he sincerely loves Pakhi, and because her love has entirely altered him, he is no longer a part of the plan. Adhik is really relieved now that Anuj is aware of the full truth, according to Ankush. He’s asked to halt by Barkha. Ankush claims he can live in peace now and that he would cut off contact with Barkha if she causes trouble once again. Barkha queries Adhik about the strategy. Although Barkha was also involved, Adhik claims that it was his idea. Why can’t they live regular lives, he wonders. Ankush claims that Barkha misled him. For them and Sara, according to Barkha, she did it. Ankush speaks as though she had no advantage from it. Ankush glares fiercely at Barkha.

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