Anupama 20th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Anuj and Barkha claim to have arrived to repair a CCTV camera

Star Plus Serial Anupama 20th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Anupama’s smartwatch alarm goes off, reminding her to go see Anuj. Anupama excuses herself and requests that Hasmukh go now and return tomorrow to celebrate Anuj’s birthday. Hasmukh and Samar and Toshu go. Barkha informs Ankush that tomorrow is Anuj’s birthday, but they will give Anupama a present. They jointly hatch a scheme to end Anupama’s life. Anupama informs Little Anu that Anuj and Kanhaji’s birthdays are tomorrow, but she believes they will get a present.

She embraces Anuj and tells him that his birthday will be extra wonderful tomorrow. Little Anu wonders why God came to Earth. According to Anupama, to end sins on Earth, God stores a pot of sins for sinners, and when it fills, God punishes the offender. Little Anu wonders what would happen if God couldn’t come to Earth. According to Anupama, humans will then punish on God’s behalf. Ankush and Barkha walk in. Sinners, according to Little Anu, will be slapped hard.

Anuj and Barkha claim to have arrived to repair a CCTV camera. Anupama agrees to them. They service cameras. Anupama glances at the camera and inquires about her appearance. Shilpa, the nurse, grins. Barkha demands at her to go because she does not want an unprofessional nurse to care for Anuj. Anupama supports Shilpa, saying she is doing her job perfectly and that everything will be recorded on camera. Barkha yells once again. Anupama instructs her to leave Anuj’s room and yell. Ankush and Barkha leave angry. Shilpa expresses gratitude to Anupama and vows to do her job carefully. Anupama turns to face the camera. By permitting CCTV into Anuj’s room and retaining her own nurse, Barkha believes Anupama is playing mind games with her. She instructs Ankush to complete the legal formalities with their lawyer and prepare for a surprise for Anumpama tomorrow.

Vanraj inquires about Anuj’s health and expresses his desire to pay him a visit. Toshu stops him and informs him that Barkha will charge him with attempting to murder Anuj. Kinjal says Barkha will accuse even Anupama. Toshu suggests that they quit visiting the Kapadias on a daily basis and instead wait for Anupama’s call. Anupama praises Barkha for installing a camera in Anuj’s room so she can keep an eye on him as he cooks and even Barkha can see her. Barkha is frowning. Anupama bakes a dessert for Anuj. GK intends to make a feast for tomorrow. Ankush talks with his lawyer through video chat about the legal actions against Anupama. The power goes out at Shah’s residence. Vanraj has a dream in which Little Anu accuses him of harming her father. He panics and claims that he did not. Family rushes to him. He is adamant on seeing Anuj right now. Leela begs him not to leave, noting the events at the hospital. Vanraj makes a vow to her, but believes he will see Anuj tomorrow.

At 12 midnight, Anupama, GK, and Little Anu celebrate Anuj’s birthday. GK presents him with a handcrafted greeting card. Anupama hands him a cup cake and requests that he make a wish. Little Anu wonders how Papa would make a wish without blowing out a candle. Anupama believes that one’s heart is sufficient. GK abducts Little Anu. Barkha understands what her lawyer is saying. Anupama expresses a desire to spend quality time with Anuj and imagines him desiring a romantic and lavish birthday celebration. She embraces and wishes him a happy birthday, thinking it was a dream that may come true tomorrow. Anupama prays to Kanhaji the next morning to make today unique and to bless Anuj. Vanraj begs God to cleanse his mind. Ankush and Barkha get the legal papers from their lawyer and believe that the true celebration has begun. Anupama enters Anuj’s room and discovers that his eyes are open. She runs up to him and shakes him. His eyes are open, according to the nurse, but he is still sleeping. Anupama phones the doctor and requests that he see Anuj as soon as possible.

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