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Toshu Praises Samar

Anupama 1st June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Anupamaa 1 June 2022 Written Episode on

Anupama and Anuj continue their conversation with a little girl named Anu. Anu requests that they pray for Kanhaji to send her mommy daddy as soon as possible and to put pressure on him. They will undoubtedly pray for Kanhaji, according to Anuj. Anu inquires as to how they would feel when mother and papa come.

Anu requests that she refrain from asking so many questions. When we challenge individuals, Abhay uncle says, they become friends. When Abhay meets Anuj, he asks him to introduce him to bhabiji. Anupama is introduced to him by Anuj. Abhay identifies the young girl as Anu and expresses gratitude to Anuj for his support of his orphanage.

Samar finishes the programme by teaching dancing to his pupils through the internet. Toshu requests that he teach him the step. Toshu performs a dance. Samar inquires as to whether he learned to dance while hiding from Mummy. Toshy claims he inherited his mother’s dancing and his father’s swagger. He gives Samar an intense embrace and tells her that he is proud of her since the squad they thought would lose ended up winning.

Anuj informs Anu that she is deserving of a reward for her beautiful dancing. Anupama is on his side. Anu glances at Abhay and says she enjoys going to the beach. Anuj accepts her invitation to the beach. She is overjoyed.

He wonders how he manages to balance work and home life so well. Samar becomes teary-eyed and embraces him. Toshu takes out his laptop to look for a job, and they both agree that they must now manage. Samar answers, “House, family, daddy,” and then adds that Mr Shah is behaving emotional, but he is unconcerned about what Mr Shah does. He excuses himself and goes away. Vanraj overhears their discussion.

Toshu congratulates Vanraj on the addition of his second son to his team and tells him that he should not be concerned since his two boys would handle everything.

Anuj is enraged by individuals who reject girl children and commit female feticide while praying to female gods. According to Abhay, 2-3 girls do not have parents, and the others have been shunned by their relatives; each month, a newborn girl is placed on the orphanage door.

He claims that even Anu, who was placed here just a few days ago, is a clever young lady with many aspirations. Anupama claims that happiness would not last long because to the harshness of society, and that some family will need to adopt them, among other things.

Abhay explains to Anuj and Anupama that children need more than just basic requirements. Anuj claims that kids need affection and a sense of belonging, which only parents can provide. Abhay believes that everyone should be responsible for at least one female. According to Anupama, childless couples go to religious destinations but not orphanages.

People are fascinated with biological children, according to Anuj, and if they change their views and adopt a kid, a lot of things would change. When a childless couple realises they are unable to procreate, Anupama advises them to adopt the kid. They’re still talking about normalising adoption.

Kinjal is looking forward to seeing her unborn child and waiting for it to arrive. When Toshu notices this, he grins. Kinjal loses his balance and collapses. Toshu, startled, yells her name. Kinjal is in a panic. Toshu consoles her and tells her that everything is OK.

Anuj presents Abhay with a money check on behalf of himself and Anupama, as well as a girl’s bracelet. It’s Anu’s bracelet, according to Abhay. Anupama says she’ll give it back to Anu. Anuj shares his wish to visit the seashore with Anu.

Abhay claims that this is his ashram, and that he establishes regulations here, so Anuj may pick up Anu and bring her back on time. Anuj expresses his gratitude with glee. Anupama and Anuj continue to talk about how to provide happiness to orphaned children. Anu goes up to them, her shoe slipping. Anuj replaces it in her foot and remembers doing the same with Anupama at their first meeting after 25 years.

Anupama and Anuj take Anupama to the seashore. Anu scribbles their names in the sand and inquires as to which is her and Anupama’s. Anupama’ss is Anupama’s, and Anu’s is Anu’s, according to Anu. The name is washed away by the waves.

Anu becomes depressed. Anuj explains to her why she should write it far away from water in a creative manner. She inquires as to whether he is a poet. Anuj inquires as to how she knows. Instead of delivering a lengthy speech, she claims he may urge her to write it far away from water. Anuj chuckles and explains that the name Anu has a unique meaning. They continue to spend quality time with Anu on a regular basis.

Precap: In a shop, Barkha observes Anupama scrutinising the price tags of food and tells her to quit acting like a middle-class lady since she is now Kapadia. Anupama wonders whether it would improve the taste of the dish.
The cashier adds 40 rupees to the total for the bag. Anupama pulls the back of her purse from her bag.
Barka advises her not to flaunt her middle-class mindset in public. This approach, according to Anu, keeps life in balance.

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