Anupama 1st August 2022 Written Update Episode

Vanraj asks whether his narrative is over and if he may go now

Star Plus Serial Anupama 1st August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Vanraj requests that Anuj leave Shah’s residence with his wife and children. Anuj claims he was silent because of Anupama and would remain silent because of her. He tells the Shahs that they had mortgaged their home with Rakhi; he cleared their mortgage and given jobs to Vanraj and Kavya, but Vanraj and his two children are completely classless and don’t appreciate other people’s favour.

He then tells Leela that Anupama regards her as her mother and battled for her when she forced Hasmukh out of the home and Vanraj went against her; Leela just addressed Anupama as her daughter after that, but she maintained her poisonous conduct against Anupama. Vanraj asks whether his narrative is over and if he may go now. Anuj insists on paying full attention. He then tongue-lashes Toshu for being at his in-laws’ penthouse while his wife was at his residence, referring to him as a spinless and selfish guy. He further lashes Pakhi with his tongue for being arrogant and immature.

Vanraj grabs Anuj’s collar and yells at him not to talk against his daughter. Anuj is also wearing his collar. Their verbal sparring continues. Family attempts to keep them apart. Anupama sobs and begs for help. Anuj accepts her situation and consoles her. Leela, with the help of Toshu and Pakhi, requests Anupama to leave with her husband and children.

Toshu claims that Anupama would never change. Kinjal claims that he, too, will never change. Kavya claims she has always complained that the Shah family did not accept her, but she is now relieved that a crazy family did not welcome her. Pakhi threatens to elope if Anupama does not leave the home. Leela tells Anupama not to come back again. Anupama claims she will never return.

Kinjal yells that this is unjust, that she should be punished for the mistakes of pampered child Pakhi. She begs Anupama not to do so on her behalf. Kavya lashes Pakhi with her tongue, saying she has no idea what Pakhi did, that she would never get her mother back if she loses her again, and that she will repent for her actions.

Pakhi expresses regret for becoming Anupama’s daughter. Hearing it, Anupama becomes even more upset and remembers her past closeness with Pakhi. She informs Anuj that Little Anu has left. Let us go from here, says Anuj. Anupama claims it takes just 2 minutes. Anuj requests that she respond appropriately and not put up with their behaviour; he and Little Anu will wait for her outside. He walks out of Shah’s home, certain that his connection with the Shahs has come to an end.

Anupama has said that she would never return to this residence. Vanraj adds he would be grateful if she goes before her husband arrives. Anupama requests 2 minutes to speak with the ladies of this residence. Vanraj claims she may finish her women sangeet and then go. Anuj becomes terrified as he recalls Vanraj and Pakhi’s harsh statements. Hasmukh is asked to tell Anu a tale. He gives her a narrative about goodness and badness and argues that one should not abandon their virtue to acquire the badness of others.

Anupama warns Pakhi that she would never come back to this place and that she will never forget her disrespect. She goes on and on about how a mother protects her children’s everything and how much she is wounded, how their bond as mother and daughter will never alter, and so forth. She then informs Leela that she will always be her mother and that a mother can never make a mistake, and so on. She asks Rakhi whether she had a good time today and hopes she doesn’t run across Rakhi again at Shah’s place. Rakhi promises her that she would look after Kinjal till the baby is born.

Anupama assures her that she should not be concerned till Rakhi, Kavya, and Leela are with Kinjal. Kinjal is then consoled by her. Kinjal begs her not to get so enraged that she does not return to her own home. Anupama expresses her heartbreak and encourages her not to grieve any longer since she is about to become a mother. She hopes Kinjal does not witness a day that she has seen in her fantasies. She claims that if one of her daughters breaks up with her, she has another daughter with her. She tearfully embraces Kavya and Kinjal before leaving Shah’s residence.

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