Anupama 18th October 2022 Written Update

Anupama Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Anupama 18th October 2022 Written Update on

Anupama Written Update

Today Anupama Episode Starts with

Hugging Anupama, Pakhi sobs and claims that she did nothing wrong and that she didn’t go over her bounds. The mother will now believe her daughter’s crocodile tears, according to Leela. Pakhi claims that she really loves Adhik and longs to be with him. Rakhi claims that based on their conduct, Toshu and Pakhi don’t seem to be Anupama’s children. Anupama questions Pakhi about how she can consider getting married while she is under 20 and still in school. Leela claims to have already begun the post-marriage activities and will soon provide the outcomes from the resort. Pakhi sobs, insisting she didn’t do anything wrong. What is she doing here, Leela then enquires. Anupama advises concentrating on your schooling and work at this time.

Anupama is correct, according to Kavya, and most people are unable to tell the difference between love and infatuation. Pakhi claims to really adore Adhik. Leela declares that she will not allow a schmuck to marry into her family. Pakhi becomes convinced that she will only wed Adhik, regardless of what they all think. Kinjal advises her to prioritise her schooling and job first. Pakhi tells her to stop talking since even she was married and eloped. Pakhi cannot compare Kinjal to herself since she has already earned her MBA, according to Kinjal. Pakhi becomes unwavering in her resolve to wed only Adhik. Anupama steps away after saying that they would continue their conversation at home. She sobs while holding Rakhi and adds that even though Pakhi may not have done anything illegal by sharing a hotel room with a guy, it is still wrong to do so. However, Pakhi refuses to recognise her error and does not comprehend her fear of her parents. Rakhi claims that she can relate to Kinjal’s anxiety since she used to worry whenever Kinjal went out with friends that she may fall in love with someone she wasn’t compatible with, that kids wouldn’t be able to comprehend their stress, etc.

Adhik makes Barkha upset by falling in love with Pakhi while their initial strategy was to capture her and use her against Anupama. Adhik claims he will only marry Pakhi because he sincerely loves her. He is told loudly by Barkha that she would not allow it to happen since there is no such thing as love in the world. When Pakhi doesn’t answer the phone, Vanraj becomes apprehensive. She communicates to him that she is going back home. Kavya asks Leela not to start a problem as soon as she gets home in the taxi. Due of Pakhi’s actions, Anupama continues to feel devastated, and she is afraid of Vanraj’s wrath. Adhik and Barkha make a furious return home. Anupama and tiny Anu are missing, and Anuj and Ankush want to know why their vacation was cut short. Adhik feels prompted to tell Barkha about his awful deed. She is cautioned by Adhik not to use such words. Adhik and Pakhi were apprehended at the same resort that all the women had visited, according to Barkha. Ankush and Anuj are in disbelief.

Ladies visit the Shah home again. Vanraj inquires as to their early arrival home. Kavya makes a statement. Vanraj is more shocked when Pakhi is around. According to Kinjal, they discovered her on the road and brought her along. Pakhi is informed by Anupama that she has a meeting. Rakhi declares that she will accompany Kinjal and Pari before setting out with them. Dolly whispers in Anupama’s ear to have courage and be fearless. In an effort to disclose Pakhi’s horrific crime, Leela has a panic attack and loses consciousness as a result of the stress. her room in a hurry by her family. After learning about Adhik’s behaviour, Ankush grabs his collar. Ankush is being pulled out by Barkha. Adhik is stopped by Anuj, who informs him that Anuj had previously advised him not to do anything improper with Pakhi. Adhik claims to really love Pakhi and want to wed him.
Anupama informs Anuj that she and little Anu are visiting the Shah residence. Vanraj senses her unease. Adhik disagrees with Ankush and declares that he would only wed Pakhi and doesn’t give a damn what others think. He claims that he brought Pakhi to a resort to chat.

A doctor examines Leela. Hasmukh and Vanraj enquire as to why Leela suddenly became unconscious. According to the doctor, Leela’s blood pressure increased due to stress, so they need to make sure she’s not stressed out or else they could have to admit her. Upon viewing Leela’s condition, Hasmukh sobs and declares that a life partner is essential throughout the last stages of life and that he will pass away as well if Leela does. He is consoled by Anupama. Samar is asked to remain with Leela and Hasmukh by Vanraj as he departs.

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