Anupama 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Barkha informs Ankush and Adhik that Vanraj clearly

Star Plus Serial Anupama 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Vanraj gets discharged and returns home. Pakhi, Dolly, and Kinjal welcome him home with an aarti. Leela begs him to accept God’s blessings since he has returned home safely because of God’s blessings. She begs God to protect Vanraj. Vanraj wishes Anbuj a speedy recovery. Little Anu imitates him. Vanraj gives him a warm embrace. Little Anu claims that everyone was unhappy without him and that he should take care of himself. She inquires about Anuj. Vanraj embraces her. Anupama is playing a mobile game when it begs Anuj to wake up. Anuj shifts his gaze and finger. Anupama is overjoyed and contacts the doctor. Anuj opens his eyes and says he wants to go home and greet Little Anu before passing out again. Samar and the doctor run to Anuj’s room.

Barkha informs Ankush and Adhik that Vanraj clearly tried to murder Anuj. Ankush claims she informed Vanraj she had no recollection of anything. Nobody knows the true version of the truth, therefore they will provide their version. It is time to get vengeance on the Shah family and Anupama and take over the Kapadia business. Ankush inquires as to why she want to do so. Adhik and Sara’s future, according to Barkha. She requests that he direct GK to make dinner so that she may attend the hospital and address the problem there. Anupama tells the doctor about Anuj’s short spell of awareness and his desire to return home.

According to the doctor, Anuj’s short moment of awareness is a favourable indication. He claims Anuj is prone to mood swings, therefore she must control him since she is his sole source of assistance at home. She concurs.

Mamaji refuses to celebrate Janmastami in the Shah home, citing Anuj’s illness. Leela believes they should rejoice since Vanraj has come home safely. Hasmukh suggests that they light a lamp for optimism. Each family member has their own explanation. Pakhi promises to pray for Anuj during the Janmastami celebration. Vanraj concurs. He remembers Anuj’s birthday according to horoscope/tithi on Janmastami and wishes Anuj becomes aware on Janmastami. Pakhi remembers Adhik promising her that the truth will be revealed once Anuj regained consciousness. Leela instructs Vanraj not to blame himself for Anuj’s predicament since he is not to blame. Vanraj hopes so and claims he’s attempting to recall the accident but can’t. Toshu requests that he not overstress himself.

Anupama phones Ankush and tells him that Anuj is coming home as Barkha is ready to depart for the hospital. GK is pleased to hear that. Ankush, stunned, inquires whether Anuj has recovered consciousness. Anupama says no, he became aware for a little moment and stated his desire to come home; she would care for him at home with an ICU setup. She requests that he contact Little Anu’s house and make arrangements. GK leaves to make prasad. Barkha is enraged. Little Anu arrives home and draws rangooli to greet Anuj. Leela informs Vanraj at Shah House that she is delivering a flower box to the temple for his prayers. Vanraj requests that she send one more for Anuj, assuming that Anuj has returned home.

Hasmukh, Toshu, and Samar assist Anupama in bringing Anuj home. They are all happy to see him. Hasmukh is mocked by Barkha. Anuj would have been alright if Vanraj hadn’t tried to murder him. Toshu is enraged when he hears this, but Hasmukh tells him not to tell Anupama or Shah since he doesn’t want any more problems. Vanraj desires to pay a visit to Anuj. Leela assures him that Hasmukh has gone there. Vanraj claims he has no recollection of anything, but what if Anuj does, and what if he shoved Anuj down?

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