Anupama 17th October 2022 Written Update

Anupama Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Anupama 17th October 2022 Written Update on

Anupama Written Update

Today Anupama Episode Starts with Pakhi and Adhik showing up in a resort lobby startles Anupama and her female crew. Little Anu is sent by Anupama with Dolly. Adhik fumbles with words. He is given a stop sign by Anupama, who then separates Pakhi and Adhika. Pakhi is given a tongue lashing for lying. Adhik attempts to talk once again. While chatting to her daughter, Anupama tells the man to stop talking. If Pakhi lied to get a room with Adhik, does she question Pakhi. Before they face social disgrace, Leela breaks down and begs mom to give them poison and kill them. She also complains that Pakhi has damaged their parents’ dignity. Kinjal questions Pakhi on why, despite Anupama’s warning, she still did this. Adhik being older than Pakhi, in Kavya’s opinion, is not logical. Even though they knew the connection between the two families was very delicate, according to Kavya, they made no effort. According to Leela, if Vanraj and Toshu had demolished Adhik back then, the current predicament wouldn’t have occurred.

Leela is admonished by Kavya to quit beating her brother. Leela wonders whether she would spare Adhik today if someone were to abduct her daughter and take her to a room. According to Barkha, her granddaughter went with Adhik on her own and instead used him as leverage. Rakhi asserts that Barkha is correct; Pakhi is not a child to be used as a pawn. Leela advises her to refrain from participating in this matter since it is not related to her daughter. Leela’s grandchild, according to Barkha, has lost her father. According to Leela, Adhik betrayed his sister and, as Barkha did with Ankush, Adhik caught Pakhi. Barka makes it seem as if her granddaughter comes from a crorepati household and that her brother’s only responsibility is to capture Pakhi. They are asked to cease fighting by Kavya and Kinjal. Barkha and Leela are still arguing.

Pakhi yells at you all enough and informs Anupama that all consenting adults of her age spend time in a room with Adhik, but they don’t comprehend it. She doesn’t know about her career or future and calls herself an adult; she relies on her father for small purchases like mobile phone recharges; she hasn’t paid a single bill with her own money up until this point and calls herself an adult just after spending time in a hotel room. Anupama questions whether she understands what it means to be an adult or knows what it means while in a hotel room. She is yelled at by Pakhi to stop lecturing since it is customary in other nations for everyone to do so. Anupama claims that in other countries, children leave home at age 16 after completing high school, work, and take care of themselves independently; if she wants to set an example for them, she should become independent first. She also claims that she cannot prepare food on her own and is completely dependent on her parents.

They have allegedly made Pakhi’s life unbearable. Anupama claims that she is the one who has made her life miserable and challenges her to live independently if she is capable of doing so. According to Pakhi, all older people just know how to belittle and stifle younger people. She is not just dating Adhik for the sake of it; she really loves him. Their love, according to Anupama, did not transcend any boundaries like Pakhi. This is what love means in 2022, according to Pakhi. Leela cautions her to keep away from cockroaches and inquires as to if she has anybody else than this cockroach/Adhik to adore. Adhik’s hand is in Pakhi’s. Adhik claims that they both adore one another and want a marriage. Pakhi declares that she will only wed Adhik. She is advised by Anupama to go back home with her.

After a party, men are exhausted. In middle age, Anuj claims he is becoming increasingly exhausted. He is still an adolescent, according to GK. Men all laugh. All males are asked to remain in this evening by Vanraj since the lady won’t arrive till tomorrow. Anuj advises him to go back home as his doctor must be arriving for his physiotherapy treatment. In jest, Jignesh. Anupama requests that Rakhi reserve a taxi for them. Vanraj answers the phone when Leela calls, but he is having fun and doesn’t answer. When Pakhi becomes agitated, she asks Anupama to stop Leela. When she was boldly bragging about her love in front of her mother and grandma, Anupama wonders why she is terrified now. Vanraj could get into a battle with Ankush and Anuj out of anger, so Kavya urges Anupama to stop Leela. Landline call from Leela. Anupama cuts the phone off while recalling how Vanraj loses control and despises Ankush. Leela cools down. Adhik is taken away by Barkha under duress.

Ankush, GK, and Anuj depart. According to Vanraj, there are no longer any distinctions between him and Ankush, and he doesn’t appear all that horrible. Hasmukh discusses friendly interactions. Samar regrets not alerting Vanraj about his debt from Anuj. Vanraj advises him not to betray Anuj’s confidence and worries that Pakhi hasn’t yet arrived after discovering her phone is unreachable. Pakhi attempts to defend herself. Anupama questions why she didn’t consider her family once before spending time at a hotel with a guy, claiming that her reasoning would not alter the fact that she is in error. She wonders what would have happened if someone had taken a picture of her or if Adhik himself had done it and posted it online. Leela claims that Pakhi speaks a language of shoes rather than words. Pakhi embraces Anupama while crying saying she didn’t do anything wrong since she was terrified.

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