Anupama 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Anupama claims her husband is struggling for his life

Star Plus Serial Anupama 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Anuj inquires about Little Anu. Anupama says she remembers him fondly and that he should get well soon so they can meet. She displays Little Anu’s gift bracelet. He expresses a desire to return home. He will, she says, in a few days. Barkha believes their relationship would never end. Anuj’s health rapidly deteriorates. Doctor sends Anupama out and attempts to control him. Barkha feels it’s a good thing Anuj became unconscious again so she can ponder. Kavya praises God that Anuj did not say anything and hopes that Vanraj did not do anything.

Kinjal observes Little Anu sketching a family portrait and inquires if she did it for Papa. Yes, says Little Anu, daddy intended to take them to Fairyland, and they will travel to Goa soon papa recovers. Samar notifies Kavya that there has been no update on Anuj’s condition. Adhik is told by Barkha that destiny is not on their side. Ankush claims Anuj is hurt, but they’ve gone insane. Barkha believes that keeping Anuj in the hospital is preferable than leaving the home since they need time to take over the Kapadia enterprise. Ankush claims to be daydreaming as Anuj transfers everything into Anupama’s name. Barkha claims that Anupama cannot manage the Kapadia empire in this state and would be preoccupied with Anuj, therefore they have an opportunity to take over the Kapadia empire. Anupama takes a peek at them. Ankush claims that Anupama knew they were scheming rather than praying for Anuj.

Anuj’s health has worsened, and the doctor thinks he could go into a coma, which could take months or perhaps years to recover from. The Shahs are taken aback. Anupama travels. Samar is holding her. Barkha informs Adhik and Ankush that she is sorry for Anuj and not for herself, and inquires about Vanraj. Adhik claims that his condition has improved. Vanraj, according to Barkha, has a very selective memory. Anupama sits next to Anuj, while Kavya looks after Vanraj. She remembers the accident. Nirgun, O Palan Haare The song “O Nyaare…” is playing in the background. GK unsuccessfully attempts to awaken Anuj and leaves upset. Anupama questions Vanraj about what transpired that day. Vanraj claims he only recalls dragging Anuj to the cliff edge and fighting with them, but he has no memory of what occurred after that.

Anupama continues to look after Anuj. She receives a call from the corporation to sign on a business file and says she will study the proposal first and then sign it if she believes it is appropriate. Vanraj begins walking with the assistance of a walker. Anuj’s health remains stable after 13 days, while Vanraj begins walking with a walker. He comes to a halt at Anuj’s ICU room. Kavya remarks that it seems like time has stood still in this room. Vanraj claims that the patient’s family is suffering greatly. Anupama gives him a glance. Kavya believes V claims he doesn’t remember anything and Anupama is ready for the truth to emerge, but she sees shame in V’s eyes and complaint in Anupama’s eyes. Anupama approaches them. Vanraj believes Anuj will be OK. He expresses regret for whatever occurred.

Anupama claims her husband is struggling for his life, that she is pleading with God for his survival, that their little daughter is surviving without her parents, and that his apology would make everything right. She claims he is to blame for Anuj’s accident and coma; he believes everything will be OK since Vanraj Shah ijjj/is sori. She threatens to smack him. He yells. She screams because he wrecked her life for years and then ruined it again when she stepped back. She questions why he drove Anuj to the edge of a precipice. Vanraj claims he was unhappy because Anuj wrecked his life and intended to send Anuj far away from the Shah family; he wanted to settle both families’ feud and have them live happily apart. Anupama wonders why he took Anuj to a cliff to talk about it. Vanraj claims that she, like everyone else, doubts him and that he threatened to murder Anuj but did not push him from the cliff.

Anuj wonders how he went from the cliff. Vanraj claims he has no memory of anything and is unsure if Anuj slid or whether he pushed Anuj down. Anupama claims that everything transpired was due to him, and she despises him. Vanraj has forgotten about the event. Anupama requests that he remember it and meet her whenever he does. Barkha overhears their discussion. Anupama returns to Anuj and tearsfully sits alongside him.

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