Anupama 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Anupama Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Anupama 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Vanraj says to Anuj that he doesn’t understand why he only knows how to show rage. If love is so tough, he queries. According to Anuj, it’s not that hard. Then Vanraj queries why he is unable to fall in love. Anuj claims that in this world, men are only permitted to express their anger; they are labelled as weak and the wife’s slave if they cry unintentionally; there is no separate text book for men only; if a man cries, he is taunted to act like a man; if he presses his wife’s legs or romances her, he is praised as a devoted son; etc. He claims that, in any case, his only concern is romancing his wife and is not concerned about the rest of the world. If Vanraj dates after being a grandpa, Vanraj thinks it would be strange. Anuj claims that shortly after being married, he became a grandpa. Vanraj claims to be envious of Anuj. Anuj claims that he, too, is envious of Vanraj since his family is present. They both laugh and joke. Ankush becomes envious upon watching that. Vanraj promises to contact Pakhi, and when he does, he learns from her message that her mother is persistently bugging her when she is really studying.

Women engage in a game of truth or dare. Stops in Barkha for bottles. She is asked by Leela whether she loves her husband or the Kapadia surname more. What sort of a question is this, Rakhi queries. It’s a straightforward question, says Leela, and she begs Barkha to answer. Barkha mentions the husband’s last name. Ankush sees Vanraj in the kitchen making tea and believes Anuj to be his brother, but Vanraj has become friendly with haughty Ankush. He approaches Vanraj and requests assistance. Vanraj says he would accept Samar’s assistance if necessary since it is the only job he is familiar with. Samar’s job is going well, Ankush inquires. Vanraj reports that Anuj is successfully assisting him in securing more event shows. Ankush claims that Anuj offered Samar a loan because of how much he loves Anupama and her children. Which loan, Vanraj enquires. Samar and Anuj would be informed about their conversation, and Ankush requests that he not do so to avoid creating an unneeded problem.

Barkha claims she prefers Ankush to his last name. Since Leela brought up the subject, she feels she should go into more depth. She continues, “I used to love Ankush during our college days, not for his name or money, but after marriage, like all typical love marriages, all the love faded away; everything went well until Ankush’s father was handling business, but after he passed away, Ankush couldn’t handle business and lost everything; I tried so hard to convince Ankush to involve me in business, but he was adamant; I lost respect for Ankush when he didn’t let her She claims to be an MBA graduate from a prestigious university in the United States, but Ankush failed to comprehend her at all. She also expresses happiness at witnessing Anuj’s love for Anupama. She received nothing from her husband other than the surname Kapadia, so she cherishes it and chose to live with Anuj because of it.

About the 10 lakh rupee loan Samar received from Anuj, Vanraj questions Samar and Anuj. Anuj queries the source of the information. Vanraj questions why Samar didn’t tell him, saying it doesn’t matter. Anuj claims that Vanraj would do the same if he were Samar’s friend. Vanraj claims he is aware of his limited financial resources and that Samar must really be in need of money for him to have taken out a loan; nonetheless, he questions why he didn’t tell Samar about it. Because he would feel awful, Samar explains. Barkha continues her ordeal in which she used to worry about whether she would have a roof over her head the following day, receive daily fees reminders from Sara’s school, avoid parties by making up lame justifications, etc. People spend life with love, but her life is miserable, and all she is concerned about is Sara and Adhik’s future. She shatters. She is consoled by Anupama.

Because of Kinjal’s delivery and other obligations, Samar claims Vanraj would feel helpless if he didn’t assist him. However, Samar says he needed the money to file an important tender because he needed it, and because he is an honest person like Vanraj, he wanted to take on some of the family’s responsibilities going forward. Anuj claims that Samar has already paid back the one lakh rupees that he borrowed from Vanraj; he had promised Vanraj that he would never attempt to become the father of Vanraj’s children, but he can be their friend; he is a businessman and doesn’t invest in a loss-making business; Anupama is unaware of it, and he doesn’t want anyone else to know about it either. According to Hasmukh, relationships may include financial exchange but not greed. Anuj had several opportunities to belittle Vanraj, but instead chose to stand by him, Vanraj says in a heartfelt thank-you. Anuj advises you relax. Ankush looks on enviously as his idea fails.

On the love song Dheere Dheere Se Tera Hua, Adhik and Pakhi dance. Barkha offers comfort to all women. Barkha and Ankush are still together, which indicates that there is still love between them, and she has to investigate it, according to Anupama, who compares love to air, which is unseen but always there. If she tries, everything between Barkha and Akush will catch fire, claim Kavya and Dolly. Barkha expresses gratitude to everyone for their support and expresses regret to Leela for her remark. Leela also expresses regret for her remarks towards Barkha. Anupama goes on to speak. As she claps, Rakhi exclaims, “Let’s forget everything.”

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