Anupama 15th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Anupama is discouraged

Anupama 15th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Anupama 15 June 2022 Written Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Anupama conducts the graha pravesh ceremony and announces that she will frame the handprints created by all participants. It seems to be a piece of contemporary art, says Sara. Anuj retrieves the nameplate that he ordered. Barkha brings one as well. Ankush advises that they both simultaneously open it. Anuju displays his nameplate with the name Anupamaa Sadan, while Barkha displays hers with the name Kapadia. According to Anuj, this home belongs to Anupama; hence, her nameplate will be installed.

Barkha asserts that other Kapadias will reside there, thus her naeplate should be repaired. Anuj claims that Anupama’s name is written on his heart, hence Anupama’s nameplate will be repaired. Anupama praises Anuj and Barkha for their thoughtfulness. Leela inquires whom she will now respect. By attaching both nameplates, Anupama says both. Anuj believes that is a brilliant concept. Anupama places the nameplate in front of god and requests permission to begin the celebration. Sara asserts that she is the coolest. Pakhi uses the phrases coolest and greatest.


Anupama asks Hasmukh, after the party, whether he had food. Hasmukh states that he had food and medication but no sweets. Then he states that her home is excellent. Anupama remarks apprehensively that she has never been in such a large and contemporary home, where even the drapes are managed by remote control. Hasmukh asserts that individuals reside in one another’s hearts, and he is pleased that she resides in a heart that respects and accords her equal rights. Anupama questions how he knows what she is thinking without her saying. Hasmukh affirms that this is the case and instructs her to attend to the visitors.

Ankush encounters Vanraj, apologises for the incident at the front door, and befriends him. He lauds Anupama and expresses surprise at the sight of an ex-husband being friendly with his ex-wife in India. Vanraj believes that when it comes to children, parents must collaborate. Ankush ridicules him since he is aware that he would gain from Anupama’s wealth. Vanraj restrains his rage and responds with a grin that he comprehends the whole issue; a guy in need understands another man in need. He retorts that even Ankush returned from the United States because of need and not out of affection for his brother; he chose his need above his self-respect. He advises him to avoid the persistent individual, should he encounter difficulty. Hasmukh is startled by his appropriate response.

Samar, Pakhi, Toshu, and Kinjal remain harmonious with Sara and Adhik. Pakhi said that the home is so beautiful that she is considering moving there. According to Sara, she should. Anupama and Anuj subsequently join them. Baa and Vanraj see this and agree that they should keep their distance from Anupama’s family. Hasmukh has flatulence and burps when drinking water. The visitor of Barkha taunts him. Barkha supports her visitor. Vanraj becomes enraged and confronts Barkha and the visitor. Ankush advises Vanraj to act properly. Vanraj cautions that he would raise his hands if anybody misbehaved with his father. Anupama intervenes and attempts to moderate the issue, but when the visitor demands an apology from Hasmukh for referring to him as “old man” again, she becomes enraged and cautions the guest and Barkha about respecting seniors. She provides a lengthy explanation of how seniors are respected in their society and demands an apology from the visitor.

Anuj also demands an apology from the visitor and states that anybody who insults his parents will not be tolerated. Ankush apologises on behalf of the visitor. Anupama states that the visitor is responsible for apologising and that she would have allowed misbehaviour with her children, but not with her parents. Anuj requests the visitor apologise once again.

Anupama invites the Shahs to supper. After Barkha insulted them, Vanraj states that they would not and goes with his family. Anupama is discouraged.

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