Anupama 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Anupama Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Anupama 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

The Shah women enjoy the pool party. When Anupama sees Leela angry, she inquires as to what Barkha said. Leela remains silent. Anupama claims to have been familiar with Leela for 26 years and has read her face more often than a newspaper. Leela claims that she felt awful when Barkha made fun of her for putting jasmine oil on her hair, something she had done since she was a little girl. She claims that elderly people should not be sent to resorts but rather should be kept at home to benefit children since she couldn’t stand it when Barkha made fun of her during a phone conversation with Ankush.

Anupama consoles her by noting that everyone has both good and bad traits, just like Leela, who is tagged as a compounded while knowing a tonne of herbal cures. Leela advises her to at least mention a doctor. Anupama points out that even she had problems with Barkha’s fashion choices and often derided her as a backless jetani, but Barkha never took it seriously; Leela has to learn how to take criticism in stride because she also viciously criticises other people. She replies that because they will be arguing at home anyway, let’s relax and enjoy ourselves here. Leela claims she is concerned about the mess that guys might make in the kitchen.

Men cook while making remarks about the messes they made in the kitchen. GK and Jignesh talk about how difficult cooking is and how ladies put up with it all without complaining. Leela mentions how easy Pakhi may deceive Vanraj in conversation while expressing her worry about Pakhi. She talks about how girls abuse their independence, yet their mother and grandma catch every error. They must be cautious, she continues, since Pakhi’s age would compel her to make errors. Leela has merit in Anupama’s opinion. Aaj Blue Hai Paani Paani is a popular song for pool party dancing among ladies. In a hotel room, Adhik and Pakhi sip drinks.

After eating, women complain about how horrible it was and how harshly they judge other women at home and restaurant cooks. Anuj requests that someone sing, at which point he begins to sing. Hasmukh claims he is an excellent poet but a terrible vocalist. Anuj asks Vanraj to perform after claiming that he can sing better. He performs the song Yeh Shaam Mastani.

Women enter a room again and organise a truth-or-dare game. Anupama leaves the house to give Pakhi a brief call. She makes a landline call to Pakhi at the resort reception and inquires about her return date. After abruptly stating that she will once her assignment is complete, Pakhi cuts the conversation. As they eat spaghetti together, Adhik remembers that he left their ID cards at the reception. Pakhi is in a panic and wonders what they should do. Adhik suggests to collect it when we go back.

Then, Anupama phones Anuj and inquires as to his whereabouts. Anuj claims that since she or her memories are constantly with him, he was only remembering her. She queries his other actions. He claims to have liked cooking. She claims she had more fun. He claims that when loved ones go, they appreciate them. When a staff member presents Adhik and Pakhi’s ID cards to the receptionist, their conversation continues. ID cards flop over.

Without noticing, Anupama goes back to the receptionist and carries on her conversation. When Kavya enters, she demands to speak with Vanraj. Anupama’s receiver is taken by the woman. Love to you, says Anuj. Anupama is told by Kavya that it is her. Her apology from Anuj. Kavya converses with Vanraj while Anupama and Anuj make fun of both of them. Without observing Pakhi and Adhik’s ID cards, Kavya and Anupuma decide not to tell the other women about their phone conversations and leave the reception area.

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