Anupama 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Anupama Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Anupama 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Leela takes her time to join the squad on the all-female trip. Anupama hopes Leela and Barkha are not at odds. Since everyone is waiting for them, Barkha advises Leela to exit the restroom as soon as possible. Leela complains that no one should be left without instruction on how to use the tap at a five-star hotel. Barkha claims that Leela is wasting everyone’s time since even little Anu is able to utilise the taps. She uses a landline to complain to Ankush about Rakhi using everyone’s phone, Leela sharing a room with her and making a mess of the toilet, and Rakhi using everyone’s phone.

After hearing her complaint, Ankush chuckles and claims that all elderly people behave the same way. If he shares a room with GK and Hasmukh, according to Barkha, he will encounter it; all of the elderly people look fine seated on a lawn chair. If Barkha has any issues, Leela will remain with Anupama after overhearing their chat and telling her that she applies oil when she has headaches even if she hasn’t fouled the bathroom.

Anupama’s warning makes Pakhi tense, and she requests that Adhik abandon his resort-related plans. Adhik claims that in order to spend more time with her, he postponed a meeting with his American friends. Pakhi concedes and consents to go with him. The women are joined by Leela and Barkha. Leela is upet, and Anupama wonders what happened. Leela stays silent since she doesn’t want to make anybody feel bad. After chopping the veggies, the men complain that they are too exhausted to continue with the cooking. Jignesh inquires as to whose idea it was to prepare a multi-course feast. Hand raised by Anuj. Jignesh claims he won’t say anything to him since he is his favourite. Ankush claims he is so fed up with mixing bread that he lacks the confidence to eat.

Vanraj claims that when someone receives previously prepared meals, cooking becomes tough. Ankush inquires as to his intentions. Whatever he understood, Vanraj says. To be precise, Ankush asks him. According to Vanraj, Ankush lost his company in America and came to his brother to take over his successful enterprise. Ankush claims that Vanraj betrayed his family by attempting to cause a split between Anuj and Malvika and attempting to take over their company. How can he come to his home and disrespect him, Vanraj yells. Ankush claims that Vanraj even pays him a visit and stirs up trouble. Vanraj has yelled enough. Anuj claims he came here on Bapu’s invitation and does not want to see Vanraj’s face. He is asked to leave by Vanraj. Stopping them is Hasmukh.

Rakhi leads the women to the pool. Anupama and Leela pause. Rakhi claims that she wants everyone to unwind and enjoy themselves. Leela’s drama keeps on. Dolly mentions her once-a-month cat parties, when she is referred to as Dolly and not Mrs. Sanjay, Meenu’s mother, or Hasmukh’s daughter, and she speaks about being her true self for at least a little while. Kavya claims that since she is allergic to chlorine, she won’t get into the pool. After Leela, Barkha withdraws as well. Anupama persuades her to join the swimming pool by delivering a speech on how older people are just caretakers.

Vanraj and Ankush are reprimanded by Hasmukh for fighting like children. Vanraj and Hasmukh are still at odds. They are given the go-ahead by Hasmukh to make amends or else he would share Vanraj’s early naked images in the family group. Vanraj asks that you not. Anuj requests that GK publish images of him in the family group. Anuj also asks that you refrain. Hasmukh urges that they make up right away. They embrace after exchanging handshakes. Women take pleasure in pool parties. Anuj eats, assuming Anupama must be content. Barkha and Adhik enter the resort. In order to relax and spend quality time with you, he promises to acquire room keys. Hearing that excites Pakhi.

Adhik walks by the swimming pool while holding her hand. They go unnoticed by women. Anupama feels that she should urge Vanraj to contact Pakhi once by giving him a call. Vanraj is certain that Pakhi is at her friend’s house when Pakhi chats to him.

Adhik leads Pakhi to a room and tells her they may leave if she feels uneasy. It’s alright, she says. For her, he places a spaghetti and bread order. Since they both presented their ID cards at reception, she trembles and inquires whether there would be a problem. Adhik tells her to unwind since they are not minors and informs her that soon they would share a room with Mr. and Mrs. Mehta. He smiles as she cowers. He tells her to get ready before they eat spaghetti and go for a stroll. Vanraj informs Anupama through text that Pakhi is safe and with a friend.

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