Anupama 11th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Barkha Insults Shahs

Anupama 11th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Anupama 11 June 2022 Written Episode on

In their automobile, Anupama and Anuj arrive at their new home for the housewarming celebration. Reporters surrounded their automobile, snapping photos. Anupama is apprehensive when she sees the gathering. Anuj makes her feel at ease and assists her in exiting the vehicle.

Anupama is left behind as Barkha and Ankush join Anuj and take over the spotlight. Reporters interrogate them and inquire about their families. Anuj believes her family is still waiting for Shahs to arrive. In a vehicle, Vanraj, along with Leela, Hasmukh, and Kavya, goes to Anupama’s new home in a vehicle. Kavya is interested in the fact that the house is in a wealthy part of Ahmedabad.

Barkha continues to rule without allowing Anuj to respond. Anuj waits for the Shahs, but Barkha invites the press inside and tells them to come anytime they want. Anuj is irritated that everyone entered the home before completing a ritual/ppoja and that the house was worn within the house. If Anuj wants him to, he will call everyone out.

Barkha is furious, but says it’s fine since the media has been notified that Anuj and I have returned to the Kapadia business empire. Even if they had left their shoes outside the home, according to Anupama, they would have known. Barkha wonders if she should have requested that the reporters remove their shoes. Anupama wonders if the media enters the shrine with their shoes on. This, according to Barkha, is a dwelling. Anupama claims that the home and the temple are identical.

This housewarming celebration, Anuj says to Barkha, is for the family and not for the media. Barkha acts as though she is unaware that the house she is in does not belong to her. That is not the case, according to Anupama. Barkha is overjoyed and rushes back inside her house.

Anupama removes the God stickers. Anuj instructs her to place them at the front door. She does so cheerfully and informs Anuj that they are only going inside the home and that the graha pravesh will begin when Pandaj does the pooja and the owner of the house, Anuj, enters the house with a kalash. Anuj says what she says, takes her hand in his, and enters the home. The door is shut.

When the Shahs arrive at Anupama’s opulent home, they are overjoyed. Pakhi claims that they should have prepared because they appear to be middle-class and the mummy would be embarrassed in front of her new family. They are what they are, according to Vanraj. Pakhi recalls that he had never taken a mummy anywhere. According to Hasmukh, they should look at people’s hearts rather than their attire.

The event organiser pulls them aside, checks the guest list, and informs them that their name is not on the list. They’re in disbelief. It’s my mummy’s house, Samar claims. The organiser claims he is only doing his job and is unable to get them in. Vanraj becomes enraged and orders him to check in. The organiser claims that he is not required to do so. Anupama attempts to contact Pakhi, but she is unavailable. Hasmukh inquires of Hasmukh whether this is how his daughter would treat them.

Anupama is upset and informs GK that everyone arrived in shoes and that she will have to clean the house when they go. Anuj detects her irritation and tells her to relax. GK instructs Anupama to do what she believes is correct. Anupama asserts that he is the house’s elder and that everything he says will be carried out.

The mess outside is reported to Barkha by the servant. Barkha exits the room. Anupama tries to catch up with her, but Anuj intercepts her and brings her to meet the visitors. Barkha emerges and demands to know who the hell the Shahs are. Hasmukh tries to talk, but Barkha humiliates him by telling him that it doesn’t look good if he shows up at a rich person’s party without being invited. Vanraj becomes enraged. Barkha exclaims, “Who the heck is Bapuji?”

Anupama enters and declares that he is her Bapuji, that they are her family, and that she is proud of them. Hasmukh and Leela are apologised for by Barkha, who claims she has no idea who they are. Vanraj, on the other hand, claims to have figured out who she is.

Anupama cautions Barkha not to offend her family and apologises to Hasmukh and Leela, emphasising the significance of parents. Barkha invites them in, but they remain mute, demonstrating their displeasure with her.

The Shahs are welcomed by Anuj. Vanraj observes Barkha instructing the servant to conceal Hasmukh’s presents and begins the celebration. Anupama comes to a halt and states that she will be able to continue after the puja.

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