Anupama 10th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Barkha Plans To Infiltrate Anuj’s Business

Anupama 10th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Anupama 10 June 2022 Written Episode on

Anupama Written Update

As Anupama would always be at his side when he needs her, Anuj informs Barkha that he doesn’t believe he needs additional signing authority. He departs with the instructions that they begin making preparations for tomorrow’s housewarming celebration and contact Anupama if they want financial assistance. Ankush chastises Barkha for being impatient for so long after he told her to be patient for a little while.

Neither Anupama nor Anupama is innocent, according to Barkha, and if Ankush had managed his business in the United States properly, they wouldn’t have had to travel to India; they’re here not to beg but to remove Ankush’s right from Anupama.

Anupama inquires with Leela as to the status of Jignesh’s homecoming. Leela claims he remained behind because he wanted to spend more time with their mother. He is happy to hear Anupama’s family news and tells her that it’s odd that Anuj didn’t tell them about it before. In Anupama’s mind, the whole Shah family is hers to claim. She is treated like a guest by Vanraj and Leela.

To avoid making Anupama feel like a stranger, she requests that they not treat her like that. She has the support of Samar and Partiosh. Neither Leela nor Vanraj claim to have intended that. Hasmuk claims that their actions suggest as much. As a Kapadia bahu/DIL, Anupama is no longer allowed to work, according to Vanraj. Anupama wonders what they mean by “no one” anymore.

Anuj makes his way into the Shah household. In Samar’s opinion, it’s too early to pick Anupama up. According to Anuj, he’s on time. Welcome to Pakhi and Samar. A housewarming celebration for Anupama and Anuj is on the agenda, and Anuj invites the Shah family, explaining that Anupama will now be responsible for two families.

One more glance before she leaves the house, Anupama becomes restless. She tells Anuj that she felt lonely for the first time in the Shah residence. In order to bring her some comfort, Anuj spends a lot of time with her.

Ankush learns from Barkha that she has drafted a guest list for the housewarming celebration. Ankush enquires as to the purpose of her invitations. The house, according to Barkha, is theirs as well, and as a result, she has the right to invite her visitors over and inform them of this fact. She says that with this group, they will be able to get into Anuj’s house and the Kapadia empire.

Anupama’s housewarming celebration is on and Pakhi is looking forward to it. Kinjal has her back. This early in her life, Leela feels she shouldn’t put too much effort into her preparations. Pakhi is annoyed at Pakhi’s counsel. Anupama is terrified of the upcoming housewarming celebration. Anuj is there to soothe her. According to Vanraj, Leela should avoid interfering in Anuj and Anupama’s personal lives.

Anupama is presented with a diamond necklace by Anuj. Upon realising the necklace’s worth, Anupama is unsure if she can securely hold it. Anuj wants her to wear it at the party tomorrow. In the end, Vanraj is asked to join Anuj and Anupama at the celebration. Also, Kavya tries her best to persuade Vanraj. Vanraj is of the same opinion. It is Anupama’s sincere hope that Kanhaj will ensure that everyone is content.


Journalists approach Anuj and request that he show them around his brand-new home. Barkha enthusiastically agrees. Anuj intervenes and tells her to put the needs of her family first. Barkha claims she has no idea when they’ll arrive and escorts the journalists away. Barkha taunts the Shahs as they are prevented from entering the residence by the guards. They are saved by Anupama.

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