Anandiba Aur Emily 6th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Jaibala inquires as to why you referred to Punjabi dhol

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 6th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Gunjan begins the episode by asking Anandi to bless her. Anandi assures you that my blessing is always with you. Gunjan says, “I have an idea, this light can save us; if the light goes out, Jaibala won’t be able to see Emily’s face.” Anandi approves of the idea and commends her. Gunjan walks over to the metre box. Pinky wonders if you’re going to bring darkness into my life, and how Jaibala will see Emily’s face. Gunjan says we’ll dim the lights; just look for my signal and turn on the lights. She turns down the lights. Jaibala inquires of Anandi as to what happened to the lights. According to Gunjan, there is a lot of electricity trouble here, and our Choti bahu is as big as the moon. Everyone starts with the Mu dikhai. Anandi claims I’m still tense, Gunjan. Gunjan claims that I will not allow Jaibala to speak to anyone.

Why did you call so few people for the Mu dikhai, according to Jaibala? Gunjan claims that Jaman is filming himself and broadcasting it live to everyone. Jaibala thinks it’s fantastic. Gunjan invites her to go see Emily’s face. Jaibala travels to see Emily. Emily is blessed by her. Everyone, including Anandi, is relieved. Jaibala claims that bahu’s hair is black, but her brows are golden. Gunjan claims that only the hair and not the brows should be exposed to sunlight. She inquires of another lady. Anandi says she’s going to ask Indu. Gunjan says I’ve arrived. She arranges for the men to play dhol. Anandi beams.

Jaibala inquires as to why you referred to Punjabi dhol. Gunjan claims that the entire country belongs to us. Your bahu, according to Jaibala, has an answer for everyone. Pinky wonders, “Why didn’t Gunjan give me a signal, did she come?” Gunjan requests that Kanchan accompany Emily to her room. She puts on the wig with long hair. The wig and ghunghat are yanked. Everyone is taken aback. Emily’s golden hair catches Jaibala’s eye. Pinky chuckles. She goes to turn on the lights.

Jaibala turns to face Anandi. Gunjan says, “Please forgive me; my foot landed on her foot by accident; otherwise, I would not have let this truth come out.” Jaibala claps and asks Anandi, “Did she get a foreigner bahu when she lectures others about same community relationships?” You have no right to sit on the chief position, you lied to me, your entire family lied to me, you have no right to sit on the chief position, you have no right to sit on the chief position, you have no right to sit on the chief position

The ladies are gossiping. Jaibala claims that Anandi did not invite me to your wedding, so I want to renew your gathbandhan. She claims that you forced me to cut my daughter’s gathbandhan with the sword; now it’s your turn to demonstrate your love for Gondal or your ethics; does anyone have anything to cut? Pinky confirms, “I have a scissor.” Pinky is stopped by Gunjan. Anandi claims I made the error. Aarav is praying. Emily wonders what happened and why Jaibala is upset. He claims she wishes to end our marriage. She inquires as to why.

He says he’ll miss your sweet English, but she wants our wedding to be called off because you’re not from our community. The neighbours arrive. Jaibala requests that Anandi cut the gathbandhan. She claims I sacrificed my daughter’s happiness that day, and I’m curious to see what you do for Gondal. Indu says your ethics are important; Anandi will sacrifice her Gondal chair for her ethics; we will find someone to handle the chair; I am there; Anandi cannot break this relationship; otherwise, she will violate her principles; she has no choice but to leave the chair. Jaibala responds that she cannot break the marriage and must leave the chair.

Pinky expresses an interest in touching Gunjan’s feet. No, says Gunjan. Emily says, “I adore India.” Jaibala describes our country as “adorable.” Emily agrees, India believes that the entire world is one family, and please forgive me because I am from your community. Aarav responds, “I know she isn’t from our country, but you’re taking injections for your mother, which are also made in America; what does it matter if my wife isn’t from this country?” Gunjan becomes enraged.

Aarav says you can end the marriage if you want, but not for this reason. Jaibala sobs. She calls Jigna and apologises, saying, “Please tell your foreigner boyfriend that I will marry you both next week.” Everyone is happy. Anandi, your bahu and son opened my eyes today, its right, Lord made all of us alike, I wish I hadn’t broken my daughter’s marriage that day by listening to you, I will rectify my mistake, you also don’t make this mistake, you are the best chief for Gondal chair, Jaibala says. Anandi sobs and asks if she will be invited to Jigna’s wedding. Jaibala claims that it cannot happen without her Maasi, my best friend. She embraces Anandi. Pinky claims that you always lose. Emily is blessed by Jaibala. Anandi believes Emily has won Jaibala’s heart, but I must send her to America.

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