Anandiba Aur Emily 5th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Jaibala Returns Home

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 5th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

The episode begins with Gunjan approaches Pinky and hands her the ticket. Pinky sobs and adds, “I told you angrily, you got my ticket.” Gunjan threatens to smack you twice. She becomes enraged and smacks her. She claims that this is Jaibala’s ticket, that if she misses the train, she will return, that we may reveal Emily, who will leave this home, and that Emily will go to the United States. Pinky agrees. Gunjan destroys the ticket. Pinky compliments her.

Anandi claims that everything occurred because of you, and that I would give you sweets today. Gulab disguises himself as a peasant. He consumes the goodies. Anandi wonders what all of this is about. Gulab claims that Parimal urged him to abandon the foreigner’s disguise and assume the avatar of my last birth. Anandi requests that Kanchan bring Emily sweets. Gulab replies there’s no need; I’ll give it to her. Gunjan dazzles Anandi. Anandi beams. Gunjan gives her the candy. Anandi is taken aback when he sees Jaibala. Gunjan inquires as to what transpired. Jaibala, says Anandi… Gunjan claims she boarded the train.

Anandi, says Jaibala…. My train ticket was lost, I tried to locate it, I asked Aaghya to get the ticket over the phone, he doesn’t know, Jigna received the ticket late, I missed the train, so I returned, wow, you baked sweets. Aarav claims there would be no more ghunghat. Emily responds no, there is no rasam left. He replies there is no need. Gulab receives the goodies. He claims that mu dikhai rasam has been cancelled. Yes, Aarav replies, take off the ghunghat. Emily responds, “Really?” Anandi appears and declares that my dikhai will take place. Gulab inquires as to why.

He had a disagreement with Emily. Anandi adds, “You said you’d listen to me, so put the ghunghat on.” Gulab is summoned to visit Jaibala; mu dikhai is required. Gulab chuckles. He approaches Emily and says, “Mu dikhai is a huge rasam, place the ghunghat.” Emily inquires if I should wear it. No, says Aarav, what’s the point? Gulab demonstrates Jaibala to him. Aarav approaches Emily and informs her that it is necessary to hide the face and be cautious. Gunjan adds, “I was missing you so much, it’s nice you came back, I was hoping for a miracle, it’s in your destiny to remain here, don’t worry, I’ll arrange your ticket to Mumbai.” Jaibala adds that because I don’t need to go right away, I’ll keep mum’s injections in the room. Pinky compliments Gunjan. Anandi replies, “I don’t understand, I liked this Gondal like Aarav and Aaghya,” and that he must resign from his post. Gunjan advises against saying this.

She says, “Bless me, I’ll think of something.” Anandi bestows blessings on her. Gunjan says, “I have an idea, sit, Jaibala accepted that the bahu’s hands are fair, we will convince her that our bahu is fair, but what about her golden hair, she will understand Emily is a foreigner, she will ask you to leave Gondal chief position, why don’t we make Emily wear a black hair wig, Jaibala will think she is a fair Gujarati girl.” Aarav loves the concept. Gunjan inquires if Emily will accept to wear the wig. He declines. Anandi predicts that I will lose my chair. I vow, Gunjan, I will not allow anything happen, I will keep the mu dikhai, and Jaibala will not know anything.

Gunjan requests that Aarav prepare Emily. She displays the black wig. Emily declines. Gunjan claims that hair colour will vary and that hair should fit the attire. Emily is persuaded by Gunjan and Aarav. Emily concurs. Pinky appears at Gunjan’s door. Pinky says don’t speak to me since you just rescued Emily again. Gunjan believes Emily will be bothered by the hair wig when the time comes. Pinky believes you have a huge idea in your head. Anandi is concerned. Jaibala arrives. Emily arrives in search of the mu dikhai. Jaibala notices the long hair plait and wonders how I missed her hair when she gave me the dinner. Anandi claims you were preoccupied with the meal. Jaibala walks over to Emily’s face. Everyone is nervous.

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