Anandiba Aur Emily 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Gunjan’s Plan Flops

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

The episode begins with Anandi deceiving Jaibala. Gunjan summons Emily to bring the jaggery to Jaibala. Aarav motions for Emily to come to a halt and turn right. He gives her instructions and assists her in serving the food to Jaibala. Gunjan is leaving. Pinky is her name. She inquires if everything is ready. Pinky confirms that the fan is ready; please signal me, and I will turn on the fan. I can’t see you, I can’t signal, so I’ll call you and ask you to turn on the fan, says Gunjan.

Aaghya approaches Aarav and informs him that Jaibala may miss the train and that he should speak with Bansi. Aarav says I’m unable to speak at the moment. Jaibala asks Emily if she will serve the dish. Aarav converses with Bansi. Emily hears him and makes an error. Instead of the plate, she places the food on it. Anandi is concerned. Jaibala inquires as to what is going on, Anandi. Anandi inquires of Gunjan as to why Emily is placing the food outside the plate. Aarav notices this and becomes concerned. Gunjan says it’s Emily’s value; she sets aside food for the ancestors as well; you know our ancestors, they used to ask for a lot of food; Emily’s heart is big, so she’ll give them a lot of food.

Jaibala exclaims, “Wow, Anandi, you have a diamond bahu.” Gunjan, according to Anandi, is my true diamond. Aarav apologises to Emily and tells her to concentrate now. He directs her. This time, Emily serves the food well. Anandi beams. Pinky receives Gunjan’s call. She turns on the fan. Gunjan acts and smiles, asking who turned on the fan. Emily is wearing a ghunghat. Pinky flees, and the wire is yanked. The fan is disconnected. Pinky is scolded by Gunjan.

Pinky claims she came to see everyone’s expressions. Gunjan instructs him to turn on the fans. Pinky is leaving. Emily has served the food exceptionally well, according to Jaibala. Pinky presses the switch. She suffers an electrocution. Gunjan is taken aback. She takes Pinky to her room and looks after her. Pinky claims that my body is shivering. Gunjan says, “Today, I will touch your feet; stop thinking, stop using your brain; your brain is your enemy.” Anandi dials Gunjan’s number. Jaibala is leaving, so come downstairs, she says. Pinky believes you are unable to expose Emily. Gunjan says, “I’ve added four more fans; Emily will come downstairs, and now her ghunghat will fly off; come, it’ll be fun.” She starts dancing. Aye hava….plays…

Anandi appears. Gunjan claims that I responded to Jaibala because of your blessings. Anandi’s blessings are accepted by her. Anandi points out that Jaibala did not go until now. Jaibala, according to Aaghya, is leaving. Anandi claims you’re leaving soon. Gunjan says to come soon because it looks good. Emily, according to Jaibala, did not come to see her off. Anandi dials Emily’s number. She performs Jaibala’s aarti. She requests that Emily accept Jaibala’s blessings. Pinky says it’s fine, Gunjan will turn on the fan; she’s the best and most cunning. Gunjan turns on the fans. Emily’s ghunghat has flown away. Everyone is taken aback. Gunjan suggests that I make moong dal halwa today. She performs a dance. Pinky says Emily is leaving, and I’ll come in as Choti Bahu.

Everyone takes a seat and apologises to Jaibala. Emily covers her mouth. Jaibala screams, “Sindoor got into my eyes, I can’t see anything!” Everyone feels better. Emily is given the ghunghat by Aarav. Anandi inquires if you saw the bahu. Jaibala says no, consider my eyes. Jaibala receives water from Anandi. Gulab requests that Jaibala wash her face. Gulab makes fun of the fans in the area. Anandi requests that he cut the fans’ wires. Gunjan walks to the terrace. Pinku claims that I fasted for Aarav and that you shattered my dream. Gunjan inquires as to what role I played in this. Pinky says I’ll leave from here; I need a train ticket today. Gunjan chuckles. Pinky tells you to stay happy because I’m leaving. Gunjan says, “Stop this drama, I’m happy for another reason, I have a fantastic idea, wait.”

Jaibala claims that sindoor is burning my eyes, but Jamnagar, you must come to my house next time. Sure, says Anandi. She requests that Aaghya drop Jaibala inside the train. Gunjan pulls a ticket from Jaibala’s purse. She considers how she will get by without the ticket; she will catch Emily and then send her to the United States.

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