Anandiba Aur Emily 3rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Gunjan Manipulates Jaibala

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 3rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

The episode begins with Kanchan visiting Aarav. She invites him to contact her if he has any questions, but she does not invite him downstairs. She takes the meal and leaves. He closes the door. Emily wonders if I should become more shy. Yes, he says, we’ll change the song right now. He begins to play the song Mera chand mujhe… She grins as she raises her ghunghat. Someone bangs on the door.

He believes it may be Jaibala. Kanchan approaches and requests the food platter. She says to send me a message if you don’t want to come out. He says he understands. He removes Emily’s ghunghat. She knocks him down. I know, she adds, but it was Baa’s command not to raise the ghunghat before Mu dikhai. He chases after her, smiling. ishq wala love….plays… They are both laughing.

Aaghya believes Emily’s ghunghat will be ineffective, and Jaibala should believe we are preparing for mu dikhai. Gulab says so, so we enlisted Jaman’s assistance. Jaman hands the money to the guys and tells them, “I know you’re thugs, don’t quarrel inside, the family doesn’t know it, praise one other, are you ready?” He assigns them duties. Gulab says we’ll stage a drama so that Jaibala thinks we’re making plans. The guy enters and welcomes everyone. Gulab adds, “Do the overacting in front of the visitor, and then go.” Jaibala arrives. Gulab phones Jaman and tells him to dispatch the soldiers. She inquires as to what is going on.

We’re scared because Aaghya claims there’s a major mu dikhai event coming up, and things may go wrong. She agrees. A guy appears. Gulab claims to be our milkman. Even the milkman thinks I sell flowers, according to the man. Gulab replies yes, and you will get 20 kg of flowers to beautify the home. He dispatches him. Another guy appears. Gulab instructs him to prepare the dish properly. The guy says I’m the lightman, and the chef is fantastic; he cooks delicious cuisine. Gulab instructs him to begin repairing the lights from the outside. Gulab inquires as to what happened to Jaman. Jaibala claims that everyone is complimenting each other’s work; are you concealing anything? Gulab wonders why we would conceal. Anandi requests that Gunjan do something.

Gunjan motions for Jaibala to take a seat. She makes fun of Gulab. She claims Anandi told Gulab not to speak much in front of you because you could become irritated. Gulab becomes enraged. Gunjan instructs Jaibala to take a bath. One minute, Jaibala answers yeah, I didn’t understand why they were complimenting one other’s work. Gunjan claims that Anandi instilled similar principles in the whole Gondal. Amazing, according to Jaibala. Gunjan advises taking a bath since the water might get cold and you may become unwell, causing you to miss the train. I’m going, according to Jaibala. She walks away. Anandi expresses gratitude to Gunjan. Gunjan expresses an interest in touching your feet. You can, according to Anandi. Gunjan takes action. She claims that she is managing Jaibala due of your blessings. Anandi refers to her as a gem.

Gunjan and Pinku hold a conversation on the patio. Pinky purchases an axe from the market. Emily, she claims, can strike this with her foot. Gunjan chastises her. Pinky is asked to stand in front of the fan. Pinky is holding the ghunghat. Gunjan turns on the fan and declares that we must make Emily’s ghunghat fly away; our strategy will not alter. Gunjan takes action in front of Jaibala. She claims that Anandi is furious since you couldn’t see her bahu’s face. She walks away.

Gunjan tells Jaibala that she may cancel her train ticket and remain here. If Anandi says no, I will lose my job; this should not happen. Gunjan requests that Jaibala eat before leaving. She continues, “Baa, Jaibala is emphatic about having dinner served by new bahu, and we will accept since new bahu will be in Ghunghat.” Anandi gives a nod. Jaibala says I’ll have meals provided by the new bahu; tell Anandi not to worry. Gunjan places a fan near the table. She motions for Jaibala to take a seat, and Emily will serve the meal. Pinky exclaims, “Wow, Gunjan.” Gunjan claims you’re planning something to compliment me. Pinky inquires, “How did you know?” She claims you change colours so quickly. Gunjan claims that he knows how to ruin colours as well. They both grin.

Emily receives the meal. The fan enters. Emily’s ghunghat flies off her head. Everyone is taken aback. Jaibala inquires whether your bahu is a foreigner. Gunjan can see it. She assures us that our desire will come true. Emily is summoned to serve the lunch to Jaibala. Emily wonders how I’ll serve the dinner since I can’t see anything in this ghunghat. Jaibala would humiliate Anandi if Gunjan tells him that he refused to serve the dish. Aarav says Emily will serve the dinner, and I will direct her over the phone. Emily thinks you’re brilliant. Emily makes her way downstairs. Aarav directs her steps. Aaghya is conversing with someone. Aarav instructs him to speak gently. Emily is shocked and exclaims, “Oh my God!” Jaibala notices this. Gunjan beams.

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