Anandiba Aur Emily 30th September 2022 Written Update Episode

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Written Episode of Anandiba Aur Emily 30th September 2022 Update on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Gunjan asks Anandi to conceal the idols beneath the flowerpot at the beginning of the episode so that only they would be aware of their location and Baba will discover the keys. Nodding, Anandi. When Gunjan meets Gopi, he impersonates him. She chastises him and labels him a liar. She claims that she can tell you where Anandi has hidden the idol and that she is doing this to get Emily out of the home. Really, you could work as my assistant, he asks. She claims that if you pay me commission, I will get the partnership.

She grabs his recorder and warns him not to betray her or she’ll broadcast the clip on television. Em prays. When he is with Emily, Aarav claims she would prevail in any conflict. With a nod. When Gunjan tells Pinky that he would find the location of Anandi’s hidden idol and inform Gopi about it, he will be proven correct and Anandi will remove Gopi from power. Anandi prays that Gopi would locate the idol, which he keeps in a pot. Gopi returns house. He learns about the idol from Gunjan. Gopi is asked by Emily to express his regret for his error. You didn’t notice my mother’s rage, claims Aarav. Anandi tells him to keep quiet because she would remove Emily if Gopi discovers the idol. Krishna has arrived, says Baba ji as he begins to dance.

As for the cannabis, he claims Krishna is leading me. He behaves as though Krishna is asking, “Where did the idol go from the yellow pot?” Was there a yellow pot, Gunjan queries Anandi. Yes, Anandi replies, I had placed it in the yellow pot; this indicates that Baba speaks to Krishna. Everyone requests that Gopi ask Krishna where the yellow pot is. Gopi claims that Krishna is gone. Gunjan queries how Baba might be aware of the yellow pot. Perhaps he sent someone after Mom, claims Aarav. Anandi advises you to just contact Krishna and refute their claims. Gopi considers leaving. He behaves in their presence and exits the gate. Gopi and Guddi are caught by Aarav as he rushes. Everyone becomes furious.

Aarav strikes the man. Gopi is captured. I’m sorry, Gopy says, but I cheated you. He threatens them while holding a knife to Anandi’s throat. Emily requests that Aarav take his belt off. Why? asks Aarav. He is prompted to do so by Emily. She startles Gopi by yelling “snake.” Brown belt, martial arts, she adds as she kicks Gopi to the ground. Gopi is taken into custody by Inspector. Gulab reprimands him. Aarav and Emily accept Anandi’s blessing. Anandi laments the setback. According to him, the police would give the folks their possessions back. Everyone should praise Krishna, claims Emily. According to Payal, I kept this idol here. So Gopi didn’t get this idol, claims Aarav. Anandi claims that if you hadn’t moved the pot, I may not have recognised her sincerity.

Why did Gopi claim that Emily had a ghost on her? Aarav queries. Anandi claims that I saw Emily speaking in the air. He is urged to ignore it by Gunjan. Emily believes Anandi saw me speaking with Krishna. She claims that I study Hindi. Anandi claims that I overheard her mention poison. According to Emily, it included cockroach poison. Yes, she was speaking to me on a video call, according to Aarav. I get it, Anandi says. Gulab is taken by Payal. I’m looking for a spot to hide, he claims. He is invited outside by her. She performs Garba. He claims that the cops were out to get him. She responds, “No, the police had come to pay you a reward of 25,000 rupees since you assisted them in apprehending the wanted offenders.” He feels joy. I warned you not to reveal your frailty to Anandi, adds Gunjan. Instead, you should learn Hindi and then surprise her. Thank you, Emily. Gunjan departs. Thanks to Krishna, Emily

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