Anandiba Aur Emily 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Jaibala Makes Anandi Worry

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Jaman calls Aarav to begin the episode. He inquires as to why you left Emily here. Aarav requests that he just stop Emily. Jaman sees Emily and calls her out. Emily dashes in front of the automobile. Aarav is startled and puts the vehicle in reverse. Jaibala inquires as to what transpired. Aarav claims that the road is dangerous since it has large pits. Emily takes another run. Emily, according to Jaman, is looking for you. Aarav wonders how she knows the pathways in Gondal.

Emily approaches the vehicle again and asks, “Aarav, where are you going?” Aarav drives in circles. Jaibala inquires, “Will you take me home?” and “Can I meet my friend?” Emily requests that he wait. Aarav responds, “Why not?” Jaibala want to meet your new spouse soon. Anandi claims that no one would inform Jaibala that Emily is a foreigner. Kanchan is given the curtains. Keep it there, advises Anandi. Gulab arrives. Gunjan requests that he go. Gulab claims it’s me; I’m not Emily’s cousin; my name is Gulab Das. Kanchan is overjoyed.

Gulab claims that Parimal Baba informed him that he was born in the incorrect nation, thus he is now wandering in his correct avatar. Anandi claims that we knew we had Kanchan married into the wrong household. Gunjan claims that Aaghya will get Jaibala.

Anandi is startled to find Aarav and Jaibala at the door. Gunjan beams. She wonders why Jaibala is so upset. Jaibala inquires, “Why did you do this?” I’m sad to tell that you violated your own rule.

Gunjan inquires as to what rule Baa violated. Jaibala chuckles and adds, “Anandi didn’t come to pick me up from the bus terminal,” as though she had gotten Aarav married outside of the community. Pinky agrees. Gunjan intervenes. She tells falsehoods. Jaibala wishes you congratulations on your son’s marriage. I had gone on a yatra and was happy that you were managing Gondal. Jaibala inquires about Gulab. Gulab claims that you are seeing me because I am present. Gulab, according to Aarav, has arrived. Jaibala questions Anandi about bringing the foreigner home. She recalls the event. Anandi is concerned.

Gunjan instructs Pinky not to say anything loudly. Pinky wonders whether your strategy would fail and why you aren’t satisfied. Gunjan thinks my idea is fantastic. Jaibala wonders how this alien got here. Emily and Jaman are on their way. Her neighbour approaches her. Emily misinterprets her. Aarav notices Emily approaching. He yells mommy and dashes to his room. Jaibala inquires as to why he ran to his room. Anandi claims to be so since the morning. Emily, according to Pinky, has arrived.

Anandi is concerned. Jaibala inquires, “What am I hearing?” “Who is Emily?” “Is she a foreigner?” Anandi requests that Gunjan inform her. Gunjan adds, “The vegetable merchant has Imli; I will prepare chutney for you.” Pinky reports that Emily has emerged from the house. Gunjan adds, “I told you, we’ll prepare anything the visitors want.” Pinky irritates Anandi. Pinky is asked to be quiet by Gunjan. Jaibala thinks I should get some Imli as well. They all say no. She inquires as to why.

Aaghya claims that if you walk out, you will see a foreigner. Anandi instructs Gunjan to say it. Gunjan deceives Jaibala once again. Pinky also cracks jokes. Jaibala thinks my saree is worth 10,000 rupees, which is great that you informed me. Anandi invites her to come and relax. She chooses Jaibala. Emily walks in and notices Gulab. Gulab inquires as to how he may assist you. Emily complains about her next-door neighbour, Induben.

Jaman claims to be our Gulab Phua. Gulab adds, “It’s me, Gulab, explain everything to me in Hindi.” Kanchan invites Emily to accompany her. Emily says I’d want to speak with Aarav. She enters and shouts out to Aarav. Anandi notices Emily and inquires of Kanchan, “How did you get her here?” Gulab claims that I attempted to explain to her, but she went inside. Emily says Baa wants me to enter via the back door, which is acceptable. Anandi advises him to go immediately. Jaibala appears and calls out to Anandi. Anandi is concerned.

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