Anandiba Aur Emily 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Anandi compliments and embraces her

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Anandi begins the episode by claiming, “I have a solution.” Kanchan claims that anybody may inform Jaibala about Emily. Gunjan instructs Aaghya to hurry and retrieve Jaibala from the bus station, and not to allow anybody speak to her on the way. Anandi compliments and embraces her. Pinky is hired by Gunjan to steal Anandi’s gold necklace. Aarav inquires about the paperwork.

Emily claims that it is consular paperwork that will send me back to America. He inquires as to what, when, and why. She beams. He says, “Are you kidding?” and “How will you go abandoning me?” She claims you adore me, and it’s my visa extension documents. He inquires, “What is the need?” We will travel, your colour will get tanned. Emily claims I’ll impress Anandi, so I asked her for some job.

He inquires as to what task she will assign you. She promises to offer me job and to bless me, and that if she accepts me, we would all go to America. Anandi arrives and requests that Aarav grab Emily and go before Jaibala arrives. Aarav inquires, “Really, my dear mother, I knew you’d get ready to send me?” Emily claims I won’t leave until I’ve won her heart. Anandi believes your dream will not come true. We’ll go, says Aarav, but I don’t have an American visa. Anandi tugs on her ears. She invites Emily to attend Guru ji’s class at the temple. She walks away. Emily adds, “Finally, only you and me will spend time together, and I’m so happy.”

Gulab disguises himself as a designer. A woman offers, “I’d want to take a selfie with you.” He says one selfie for ten dollars. She hands him ten rupees. He refers to the US dollar. She claims I don’t have any. He says 500 rupees. She declines. He requests twenty rupees. Okay, she says, and contacts her family to take a selfie. She pays twenty rupees. Gulab gives the letter a kiss. He expresses gratitude to Parimal. He asks if anybody wants to take a selfie.

Aaghya phones Gunjan and informs him that she did not see Jaibala at the bus stop. Find her and be cheerful, she urges. She goes to Anandi and begs her to give her all of the stress. She dances behind Anandi’s back with Pinky. Anandi adds, but I’m worried… Gunjan says, well, anybody may tell Jaibala about Emily. Anandi is concerned. Gulab eats chaat and converses with the vendor. He tells the truth about his US bungalow. He requests that he prepare a spicy chaat. The guy requests 200 rupees.

Gulab inquires, “What tax did you include in the chaat? Indians’ names are tainted due of people like you; you are a scam.” He notices Jaibala. She responds, “I have stopped the rickshaw; you are not permitted to sit in this rickshaw.” He introduces himself as Gulab. She scolds him and tells him, “A foreigner has tricked my daughter; get out of here!” She gets into the auto rickshaw and drives away. In Gondal, Gulab says Jaibala. Aarav approaches Emily. She is dressed in her gown. He apologises. She claims there’s no need to apologise; she only needs your assistance tying this dress string. He claims I’ve never done anything like this before. She thinks it’s not tough if you try. Ishq wala loves….plays….

He secures the string. She inquires as to how I seem. He grins and adds, “You look extremely attractive, except for one thing.” She inquires as to what. He displays the bindi. Gunjan is irritated by Pinky. Gunjan becomes enraged. She recalls Jaibala. Jaibala confronts the car driver. In the vehicle, she notices Aarav. She approaches him. He is taken aback when he sees her. He is concerned about Emily and Jaman being left behind. She claims you came to steal my stuff, not me. He believes Jaibala cannot see Emily. Aarav walks away. Jaman and Emily pursue the automobile. She inquires as to why Aarav is departing. Jaman responds, “I’m not sure.”

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