Anandiba Aur Emily 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Pinky claims Jaibala would end Aarav and Emily's marriage

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

The episode begins with Gunjan stating, “I warned Baa that you’d be too busy to bless Aarav and his wife.” Jaibala replies no, but she will come and bless the children. Gunjan performs in a play. Jaibala says I’ll be there today to greet everyone. Gunjan beams. Pinky claims Jaibala would end Aarav and Emily’s marriage; you should have informed Jaibala this over the phone. Gunjan claims that if Baa knew I told Jaibala this, he would have fired me; we must demonstrate that we are attempting to conceal the truth, but we must also irritate Jaibala. She beams.

Emily inquires as to why you brought me here. Aarav suggests that we arrange a trip to America shortly. She refuses to depart unless Anandi acknowledges me as her bahu. He believes my dream will not come true. He claims that since you don’t know my mother, you won’t be able to win her over. She adds, “I will remain here with my family; I don’t care what anybody thinks if you love me; else, I will go.” Aarav becomes depressed. She asks whether you love me. He inquires, “How can you question this, my love will never be less?” I knew it, she adds, and I have to show you something. She displays the A letter pendant and says, “I want this near to my heart.” Aarav forces her to wear it. Ishq wala love….plays…

Gulab claims that I am incapable of doing any task. Kanchan suggests speaking with Parimal baba. He claims I have his blessings and have spent a lot of money; should I seek for a refund? You can’t ask him, she says. He receives a call from Parimal. He says I did what you suggested, which was impossible without you. He claims that Parimal informed him that he is in India, but he is from overseas, therefore he told him that I had to come in my true avatar and live like a foreigner. Kanchan beams.

Gunjan rushes up to Anandi and tells her that we can’t expose our faces to anybody. Anandi inquires as to what transpired. Gunjan claims that he cannot perceive your insult. Anandi inquires, “What are you saying?” Jaibala Kaki is coming, Gunjan adds, and she will arrive like a storm to shatter our lives. Anandi is taken aback.

She inquires as to when, how, and why she will arrive. Gunjan claims that she is going to bless Aarav’s wife and that she would chastise you severely. Anandi claims that if she meets those two requirements, then… She remembers asking Jaibala to hold the blade, so she understands what she has to do. She irritates Jaibala. Jaibala uses his sword to shatter the gathbandhan. Facebook is shutting down.

Anandi warns that if Jaibala maintains those two requirements in front of me, I’ll have to end Aarav and Emily’s marriage in order to retain my job. No, Aaghya replies, you can’t quit this job. Aarav observes. Emily sobs and adds, “Our path has brought us here.” When he sees the passport, he sobs. She claims I was just a ticket to America for you, and that you tricked me. She rips his passport and takes off her locket. Aarav’s dream is over. He replies no, you can’t separate Emily and me, I mean, what would people say if you split our marriage?

He terrifies her with the words of others. He says it’s not a huge deal; it’s a world cup match between Gondal and Jamnagar; don’t allow Gondal lose. Anandi wonders what I’ll say to Jaibala when she meets Emily. Aarav suggests to phone her and tell her we aren’t at home and will meet later. Anandi beams. Gunjan believes it is impossible. He inquires as to why. Gunjan said that when she contacted yesterday… Pinky claims we phoned her. Gunjan claims I assured her Anandi would be at home. Aaghya says we’ll keep Emily hidden. Aarav claims she would get agitated and approach Jaibala.

Anandi urges him not to side with Emily. She adds, “Go, let me think about it,” implying that Emily should not approach Jaibala. Aarav adds, “Do whatever you want, but just don’t let our relationship fall apart.” He leaves. Anandi wonders when Jaibala would arrive. Gunjan says she doesn’t know, but her train leaves at 7 p.m. Anandi departs. Gunjan adds, “Watch and learn how we demonstrate to Baa that we are assisting her.” She goes to Anandi and tells her that we will send Aarav and Emily out till 7 p.m. Aaghya believes she is correct. Anandi compliments Gunjan. Gunjan believes I will force Emily to leave.

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