Anandiba Aur Emily 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Emily Tries Impressing Anandi

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Emily begins the episode by requesting the rope. Gunjan chastises her and accuses her of being selfish. Emily says the wrong thing. Aarav claims she is requesting a rope to hang on. Emily is correct. Aarav walks over to fetch the rope. Pinky claims to be a practitioner of white magic. Gunjan requests that she learn it from Emily. Emily ties a knot in the rope and attaches it to the hook. Gunjan chuckles. Anandi inquires if we would see her insanity all day by quitting our jobs. Emily attaches the rope to the hook. Emily clings on the rope in order to get the pickle jar. Everyone is taken aback. She requests that Anandi take her pickles.

Kanchan claims Emily did not enter the kitchen and did not violate any rules. So, Anandi adds, I’m not getting rid of her; Emily won’t be entering the kitchen any more. She walks away. She makes fun of Gulab. She requests that Kanchan accompany her. She mocks his employment. He assumes you mean I’m staying here for free. Kanchan claims he’s looking for work; what can we do if he doesn’t? Anandi says I’ll get him work. She looks through job postings for him.

He claims that he wants a job where people come and give him money. Anandi mocks him. They are at odds. Pinky and Gunjan are in the kitchen. They discuss Emily. Gunjan claims that I will kick Emily out of the home. She gets Anandi’s phone. She claims that Jai bala Kaki is calling, and that only Kaki has the power to kick Emily out of the home. Emily watches online videos. The woman adds, “I’ll show you how to dazzle the Saas.” Emily watches the video and picks up some pointers. Gunjan observes. Emily goes shopping for veggies. She claims that I managed to impress Baa. Gunjan claims I discovered a means to sabotage her plans.

Emily requests onions. The vegetable vendor is perplexed. Aarav appears. The women are amused. He responds to the neighbours. He invites Emily to join him. Emily claims they will say something since that is their job. We don’t have to speak to them, adds Aarav. Emily says she wants to converse, that she will purchase veggies every day, and that she will not hide. The woman mocks the equality marriage.

Gunjan remembers Anandi’s encounter with Jai Bala Kaki. Anandi claims you were deceived, and you know who is getting married here. Gunjan reveals the bride’s expression. Jai bala chastises her daughter. When Anandi urges her to look at the groom’s face, she is taken aback. The stranger is noticed by Jai bala. Jai bala screams and screams at Jigna. Anandi adds, “We’ve taught that weddings occurs between equals from the same society, and because this person is a foreigner, it’s time for you to ask Simon to go.” Facebook is shutting down. Gunjan brightens and adds, “I obtained a visa to return Emily.” Anandi inquires, “Did you notice my phone?” Gunjan inquires if it is lost; don’t worry, I will locate and get your phone. Anandi says, “Come on, we’ll locate it.” Gunjan says I’ll check around here. She phones Jai bala and inquires about her job with Anandi. Jai bala reports that I’ve been on yatra for four months; how are you all? Gunjan claims that we are all OK, including Aarav and his wife. Jai bala inquires about Aarav’s marriage. Gunjan affirms.

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