Anandiba Aur Emily 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Emily cracks the coconut next to his feet

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Emily begins the episode by declaring, “I’ve done this before.” Anandi requests that Emily try it again. Emily is led by Aarav. He becomes terrified and leaps. Emily cracks the coconut next to his feet. She claims that I did it, that I finished the rasam. Anandi says no, look there, it’s beyond sunset, Emily couldn’t do this quickly enough, and she now has to leave the home.

Pinky and Gunjan are both smiling. Anandi requests that Jaman keep Emily’s luggage at his hotel. Emily’s purse is taken by Jaman. Kanchan claims to have completed all of the ceremonies. Anandi says I’m not going to listen to anything, that she didn’t do it on time, that she blew this opportunity, and that I’m not going to alter my mind.

Gulab receives a call from Parimal. He says he’ll meet you at the ashram. Anandi notices him. She inquires, “Is it Amavasya Beej?” On Poornima Beej, Kanchan says we conduct this fast after 15 days. According to Aaghya, this indicates we didn’t have to maintain the fast today since it was after 15 days. Gunjan believes that indicates Emily will not accompany him. Kanchan believes that justice should be served. Emily is stopped by Anandi. Gunjan becomes depressed.

Anandi has said that she will remain here. Emily is overjoyed. She adds, “I’ll maintain the fast after 15 days, I suppose your love has stopped me.” Pinky receives the list from Anandi. She claims Gunjan made 14 errors, and she requests that she be prepared with the proper explanations the next time her bahu puja is held. Pinky visits Gunjan. She claims you were apprehended for the first time.

She requests that Gunjan apologise to Anandi and get a reprimand. Gunjan claims that if you know who I am, she would come and praise me. She notices Anandi approaching. She claims Emily is a foreigner, that it is unjust that Emily understands our traditions, that I purposefully make errors so that Anandi believes that if I can make mistakes, then Emily can also make mistakes, and that I may lose some of my characteristics if Emily is unable to obtain the traits. Anandi grins and calls out to her. Gunjan takes action. She looks around and notices Anandi.

Anandi says you’re so amazing, you have a large heart, so I adore you, but Emily’s line won’t grow if your line shrinks, Emily needs to become a member of the family because of her ability, I’m pleased that you’re my bahu, you’re the greatest bahu. Gunjan accepts her benediction. Anandi wishes her well and departs. Gunjan beams.

Pinky thinks you’ve transformed the game and are wonderful. Gunjan declares, “I will exact my vengeance on Emily; she caused us a lot of grief,” and that he will meet her during the actual Kul sindoor fast. Anandi questions Indu about why she got the dhokla for her. According to Indu, it is a neighbor’s responsibility. Anandi instructs Gunjan to go grab the pickles. Gunjan says I’ll have it in 30 minutes. Anandi inquires as to why. Gunjan says my hands are sticky because I’m chopping jackfruit. My bahu, according to Anandi, is very hardworking.

Pinky compliments her attractiveness and snaps a selfie. Anandi instructs her to go to the kitchen. Pinky says I’ll have it in 20 minutes since I’m performing Gayatri mantra jaap. Anandi beams. Pinky lies about jaap 2000 times. Anandi instructs Kanchan to go grab the pickles. Kanchan sobs at her destiny. Anandi assures me that I shall get it. Emily obtains the pickle jar. Anandi becomes enraged and summons everyone. She claims that I dislike Emily doing my tasks. Gunjan inquires as to how she obtained the pickles container when she is not permitted to enter the kitchen. Anandi claims you violated the rules.

But, baby, I was following Baa’s instructions. Baby, you didn’t get her consent, says Aarav. Anandi requests that they stop calling each other babies. Aarav says we’ll follow Gujarati norms and start becoming babyda and babydi right away. Gunjan inquires as to how Emily entered the kitchen. Emily claims I did not step.

Gunjan inquires, “Did you fly and depart, and where are your kings?” Pinky claims she got it from the market. Emily declines. Anandi smells the pickles and says, “You’re claiming you didn’t step in the kitchen, tell me how you got it, and I’ll contact Mridula and send you back to America if you make any mistakes this time.” Gunjan places the pickle jar on the shelf and instructs Emily to grab it without entering the kitchen.

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