Anandiba Aur Emily 25th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Anandi and Kanchan go to investigate

Anandiba Aur Emily 25th July 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 25 July 2022 Written Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Emily begins the episode by declaring, “I’ll locate the keys there, it’s an uncommon area.” Gunjan and everyone others are waiting. Emily claims I have it. Anandi and Kanchan go to investigate. Pinky claims that I hid the earrings in the water tank. I assume I received the keys, says Anandi. She is given the gold earrings. She claims that they are not the keys. Gunjan is concerned. Anandi receives the earring.

Gulab inquires as to who placed this earring in the water tank. Kanchan claims ownership, but how did it get here? Pinky claims Gunjan did nothing. Aaghya claims Kanchan’s earring would have fallen into the tank when she was repairing the tank valve. Pinky continues to protect Gunjan. Gunjan claims that his earring was saved. Emily claims I did not get the keys. If Gunjan says you won’t receive it, Emily must go. Anandi beams.

Emily inquires of Pinky about the location where keys may be concealed. Pinky believes she will discover all of the buried jewellery. Emily goes in search of the keys. Pinky instructs Gunjan to gather their belongings since they would be apprehended. Gunjan inquires as to what you accomplished. Pinky claims that I am constantly thinking about doing good. Gunjan chastises her. Emily discovers the gold anklet and declares, “No key.” She receives further jewellery.

Aaghya claims she discovered several of our belongings while searching for the key; we had no idea we had so many. Anandi says we’ll get rid of her today; if she can’t locate the keys, she’ll be kicked out. Kanchan believes she will locate the key. Emily gathers additional objects and declares, “No key.” Aaghya suggests to increase the speed so she can discover our belongings. Don’t make rapid jokes, according to Anandi. He apologises. Gulab insists on finishing the treasure search. Anandi instructs Gunjan to go collect medications.

Gunjan administers incorrect medications. Gunjan pours the water into the cups. Everyone is perplexed. Emily receives the keys. Aaghya claims it’s my cupboard’s locker duplicate key; I was looking for it and found it. Emily says we’ll try one more time, so give me a chance. Gunjan considers telling her the location of the key before she discovers anything further. Gunjan attempts to get Emily to sign the vase. Emily responds, “Thank you; I’ll go check that side.”

Kanchan’s phone starts to ring. Gunjan knocks over the vase. Emily keeps the vase behind her back. Anandi tells Kanchan to collect the aarti plate since Emily couldn’t locate the keys; so I’ll get the key and evict Emily. Emily notices Anandi’s saree catching fire. She pours water from the same flower container on Anandi. Anandi inquires, “What did you do?” It is a terrible omen to turn off the diya. Aarav is signed by Emily. Aarav examines Anandi’s saree. She claims to have extinguished the fire and rescued you. Kanchan compliments you on a job well done. Emily takes the keys and inquires whether this is the correct key. She becomes cheerful. Kanchan claims that everything is good that ends well since Emily was rescued. Not so quickly, says Anandi.

Gulab confirms that she would not abandon her so easy. Anandi advises you must get the coconut from the locker and break it before the sunset, since there is just enough time for the sunset. Gulab claims, “I told you Anandi will receive something.” He invites Emily to accompany him. Emily requests keys. Gulab hands over the keys. Emily goes in search of the coconut. She does Aarav’s aarti. Kanchan directs her. Anandi requests that Emily shatter the coconut in Aarav’s foot. Emily is also explained by Aarav. Emily accidentally spills the coconut on his feet. He yells and demands to know what you’re up to.

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