Anandiba Aur Emily 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Anandi Supports Emily

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Emily enters her room at the beginning of the episode and calls out to Kanha ji. She sobs. Anandi claims that if the evidence are accurate, I will force Emily to leave; else, I won’t do so. Gunjan claims that you are actually Devi, that you think so brilliantly, that you don’t allow injustice to occur, and that they can only take Emily with them after they have evidence. Yes, Anandi responds, just chat to Emily and come. Gunjan becomes joyful. Pinky speaks absurdly. We won’t have a better opportunity to seduce Emily, according to Gunjan. Emily, the bride’s family said that you were wed to their son before you wed Aarav. Tell me, did you wed him, Anandi asks. Emily responds, “No, believe me, I didn’t marry that man.” You seem sure in your assertions, Anandi says; are they accurate?

Eva is explained by Payal. She queries Emily on if she has a twin with Mitali. She is urged by Anandi to inquire directly. I don’t have a twin sister, according to Emily. We shall witness the red carpet, adds Gulab, who is accompanied Harsha. Why are you supporting us, Jalpa queries. Gulab claims that if Chirag is happy, then I will be blessed. Jaman and Aarav arrive. Because Emily is married to me, Aarav claims that your son’s marriage is irrelevant. Jaman questions the timing of the union. Harsha requests that they speak first. Jaman provides the time. Harsha queries if Chirag’s wedding took place on the same day. Gulab queries how this is possible. Aarav queries the time. He is asked to talk first by Jalpa. Everybody argues. According to Harsha, Chirag’s marriage took place before yours. There is garba. Gulab begs Aarav not to lose his cool.

When Emily was inebriated that day, Gunjan questioned her about whether she had married Chirag before Aarav. Emily claims that I can’t recall. Is that what you’re doing? No, says Emily. Anandi advises me to visit and speak with Chirag’s relatives. Seeing Kanha is Emily. I was waiting for you, she claims. I can’t foretell the future, he claims. She responds, “No, I want to know the history. Chirag’s relatives said that I was married to Chirag. Please assist me; if I had been, then I must leave this place.” By demonstrating Aaghya and Teni, Kanha explains her. Even if you don’t recall, he assures you that he will prevent injustice from occurring since he remembers everything. She beams.

I’m going with Emily, Aarav says. He is urged to calm down by Anandi. Ask Jaman to cancel the ticket, she advises. He claims that the issue is now resolved. You can’t take Emily to America and you won’t go anyplace until the truth is out, she adds, adding that Emily may have gotten married and be Chirag’s wife. If the truth is out in a few months, he claims Emily will be here and your blood pressure will rise. She responds, “Yes, but I always act morally. Please inform Rathod that you aren’t going to America right now.” He regrettably contacts Rathod and informs him that we were unable to go because of a difficulty. Rathod requests that he write down and submit the explanation. It’s a bizarre rationale, claims Aarav. To conduct a phone call, Anandi picks up. They see Gunjan screaming. Emily is told to cease by Gunjan. When Emily sees Harsha, she flees.

Come to me, nobody can touch you now, says Gunjan. What is going on here, Anandi queries. Harsha claims I came to get Emily’s measurements so I could sew her a new frock. Although Emily claims she doesn’t recall, we are all aware that she wed Aarav. According to Harsha, her marriage to Aarav, my son, was her first and is thus illegitimate. She doesn’t recall that marriage, according to Aarav. He is flanked by Emily. Harsha questions Anandi about if she broke the rules out of love for her kid.

Anandi claims that if I didn’t concern about norms, I never would have accepted a foreigner as my bahu. Emily recalls her marriage to Aarav but not to Chirag. According to Harsha, my son wed her first in the afternoon, and Aarav wed in the evening. What evidence do you have, Anandi queries? As per Harsha, you must also provide evidence. Anandi claims that Aarav wed in front of the whole Gondal, and that you could have attended as well.

Harsha responds, “No, my son will fetch Emily. I was occupied in grahpravesh, the lights went out, and Emily also left.” She says I’ll bring Emily along. How can you achieve this, Aarav queries. To take Emily, Harsha is holding her hand. Emily is dragged back by Anandi, who is also holding her hand. Remembering that Aarav is my son, she asserts that no one can take her without her will, not even to heaven, and that injustice won’t occur until I’m present. However, she adds, “You have no evidence; just depart from here.”

Jalpa and Harsha go. Gulab pursues them in an effort to get their handbag. Hugs and gratitude from Emily to Anandi. I would have done this for any female, according to Anandi. Emily beams. Gulab queries, “How can Anandi do this, should we contact the police?” and “How can I obtain the blessing now.” They all yell “no.” It’s a family affair, adds Malinga; there’s no need to contact the police. Gulab claims that it concerns your brother’s life. Inspector shows up. Gulab claims that no call was made before the cops arrived. He discusses Chirag and Emily’s situation. Harsha declares that we respect Anandi, have no complaints, and are ready to go. Don’t be alarmed, the inspector warns, he will speak to Anandi. She inquires about Emily when she gets home. Please don’t be alarmed; Aarav is with Emily, he says. Did you call us, the inspector queries. Yes, Emily answers.

According to the inspector, even if the other party is here and we have spoken with them, you are all prohibited from leaving the city until the court makes a decision.

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