Anandiba Aur Emily 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Chirag Recovers Seeing Emily

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Emily begins the episode by asking Pinky why he calls her Bhabhi. Pinky says, “I’m not sure.” The woman expresses her delight after receiving her bahu. She keeps the awful sight at bay. She does Garba and dances. Anandi intervenes. My bahu, according to the woman, was residing at your place. Anandi claims to be my bahu. The woman claims to know that every bahu in Gondal is your bahu. Jalpa, Harsha’s neighbour, introduces himself. She says we’ll take Emily right now. Harsha says, “I got my bahu after a long time, and I will get her with band, baaja, and baraat.” Anandi responds, “I don’t understand what’s going on; come inside and speak to me.”

Harsha instructs Malinga to go and contact Chirag; he will be ecstatic. Emily is questioned by Payal. Anandi claims Emily said she knows nothing. According to Payal, this suggests that the marriage did not take place. Aarav notices the time and becomes concerned. Harsha claims I have discomfort in my right leg, yet I used to walk on my left leg to locate my bahu.

Gunjan wonders how this happened. Harsha reminds Anandi of her bahu, who fled the Lagan sabha. Anandi claims, “I don’t recall.” Harsha claims that he recalls it vividly. Jalpa claims that when Chirag’s wife left him, he attempted suicide. Harsha sobs. Jalpa adds, “Control your emotions.” After we told Chirag to come down, Emily appeared and rescued him like a fairy. Emily claims this is untrue, and I did not say anything. Aarav requests that Anandi force them to leave.

Harsha claims that my kid is unable to walk and is confined to a wheelchair. Malinga transfers Chirag to the wheelchair. Aarav is irritated by their theatrics. He thinks I’ll miss my flight and should simply go. Harsha claims that if he sees Emily’s face once, he would be able to stand on his own since she is his greatest joy in life. Gulab inquires, “Really, if I make him happy, then I would be blessed?” Aarav inquires if you are on their or my side. He compares myself to a dried leaf, going wherever the wind takes me. He transports Chirag to Emily. Jaman assures Aarav that he is a hero and will make the flight. Emily claims that she knows no Chirag and that she is not married. Anandi wonders why they are saying this. Harsha requests that Chirag visit Emily. She adds, “I’m confident my bahu will come and fix my boy up.” She requests that Harsha only see Emily.

Chirag notices Emily. He makes a fist. Malinga and Harsha are overjoyed to see him recover. Chirag brightens and exclaims, “Emily!” He gets to his feet. He rushes over to Emily. Emily takes cover behind Aarav. Jaman tells Chirag to relax. Pinky and Gunjan both chuckle. Chirag is chastised by Aarav. Accept Harsha’s statement that Emily is Chirag’s wife and he is her husband. Jaman inquires of Aarav as to what is going on. Gunjan claims that the cosmos is on our side this time. Harsha expresses gratitude to Anandi for keeping her investment secure. Emily claims that my marriage did not take place with this man.

Payal claims Chirag is grinning like he won the lotto. Harsha responds, “Yes, I will show everyone that I have a lovely bahu; I will come with band, baaja, and my bahu.” Emily chastises Chiraj. She becomes enraged. Harsha says you’ll find out soon, and I’m anxious to get my hands on that burger; Gujarati cuisine doesn’t suit me. She does a dance. They depart. Emily claims that my marriage did not take place with Chirag. Aarav inquires as to what is going on; Emily is married to me, and you have all summoned them home.

Anandi claims they did not give me the opportunity to speak. Jaman says even you didn’t speak. Aarav leaves to speak. Anandi is concerned. Kanchan begs her not to worry. She inquires about Emily’s marriage and who her first spouse was. Emily claims that Aarav is her spouse and that she is his wife. Anandi requests that Kanchan accompany Emily to her room. Gunjan inquires as to Anandi’s whereabouts. According to Anandi, I will explain them. Gunjan says, “I’d want to discuss.” Aarav and Jaman intervene. We shall acquire shagun for Emily, according to Jalpa. Aarav interrogates them. Aarav claims Emily is his wife, and that they were travelling to America for pagphere. Harsha interprets this as Chirag experiencing sadness once again. She sobs.

Gulab assures her that Aarav and Emily are married, but they live in separate rooms. According to Malinga, this signifies they are not married. Jaman inquires as to which side you are on. Gulab says, “I’ll tell you the truth: Anandi did not accept Emily as her bahu, and Emily is staying here as a guest.” Harsha says I’ll be there tomorrow to pick up Emily. Gulab says I’ll come along and assist you. Harsha invites him to join him. They depart. According to Aarav, they did not allow me to ask any questions. According to Jaman, they departed. Aarav becomes irritated. Jaman says we’ll go after them and ask for a new ticket in a few days. Gunjan claims we won’t be able to get rid of Emily. Anandi replies yes, but marriage is still proper, and if the evidence against Emily is real, I will make her go.

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