Anandiba Aur Emily 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Anandi And Aarav Prepare To Leave For US

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Emily begins the episode by speaking with Payal. Emily is not noticed by the woman. Emily says she is perplexed by what is going on here. Payal replies, “I’ll explain it to you: there’s a market, then a hotel, Gulab’s sister works in Jaman’s sister, and she looks like me.” Yes, Emily responds, you two look identical. Payal says you’re Emily, and Gulab wishes me to live long and prosper. She kisses Emily and walks away.

Emily claims that it is occurring so early. Aarav confirms that we will acquire a ticket for tomorrow’s flight to Pagphere. Gulab approaches him and says, “What is your valuable thing?” Parimal baba has requested me to fulfil someone’s desire, so tell me what it is. Aarav demonstrates the Statue of Liberty. America, according to Gulab. Everyone knows that travelling to America is my greatest joy, and I was begging Jaman to buy it for me. Gulab assures me that I shall get it. Aarav says if you pay for the ticket and make me happy, you will be pleased as well. Gulab inquires about the price. Aarav estimates 80-90 thousand. Gulab invites him to return in a few years. Aarav inquires. Gulab leaves.

Pinky practises making a prank phone call. Gunjan warns her not to utilise her thoughts or she would be imprisoned. Gunjan claims that the police can determine who phoned and from where. Pinky assures me that I am not so stupid, therefore I will call from your phone. Gunjan hits her and says, “Will you put me in jail? I know Aarav and Emily won’t return if they go; I have to do something to stop Aarav.”

Gulab says Aarav’s happiness is expensive; I need to find someone whose pleasure is inexpensive. Payal requests that he accompany her to Falguni. She claims that eating ice cream makes her happy. Gulab asks Falguni what he can give her that would make her happy. She agrees provided you fetch me a Malai Kulfi. He assures me that I shall have it. She says I want ice cream, but only when I return from Switzerland. He chuckles and instructs her to do her task. He claims that her happiness is three times as expensive as Aarav’s happiness. Aarav is departing. He notices Anandi and approaches her. He asks whether you’re okay, what happened, Emily is leaving, and to be glad.

She claims you’re leaving with her; will you return soon? Jaman assures them that he will return. Gunjan says, “Stop Emily and Aarav, I heard Aarav has planned for 6 months, Emily would be here for just 7 days.” Anandi grins and adds, “I’m glad Emily will remain away.” Gunjan wonders how she would become Sanskari and stop them. Anandi claims that all preparations have been completed. Jaman requests that Aarav suppress his happiness. Emily claims that since things occurred so quickly, she had to prepare dinner for everyone. Aarav tells Anandi that if she smiles, Emily will stay away. Anandi delegated responsibility to Aarav.

Malinga, the driver, arrives and invites them to join him; he must transport others as well. He is taken aback when he sees Emily. He bolts. Gulab wonders why he fled after seeing Emily. I don’t understand, she says. Pinky makes fun of Gunjan. Payal inquires as to how you intend to get to America presently. Anandi walks up to her phone. According to Aarav, I may miss my flight. Gulab speculates that the driver may have gone to fetch the police or someone else to collect the fare from you. Aarav advises against using timepass. He pays a visit to Anandi. Aaghya says it’s a catastrophe; I phoned the taxi company, and they claimed all the cabs are at the demonstration. Anandi plans to sleep peacefully today once Emily leaves. She requests that he contact Patel.

Aarav says the flight has less time, so I’ll grab the luggage and depart, bless me. She claims you’re doing it for my pleasure. Yes, he says. He is blessed by her. They start crying and get emotional. You will not be permitted to board the aeroplane if you lift the luggage and go for a stroll, according to Gunjan. Jaman and I will perform some setup, according to Aarav. Emily searches for Kanha. She notices him. He adds that you can only see me and hear my flute because I played it to summon you. She inquires about the guy who spotted me and fled. He adds I can’t give you all the answers in one day, so be calm and don’t phone me too much.

Aarav claims I called another car. Malinga reappears. He phones his mother from there. Everyone shows up. The woman inquires as to the whereabouts of my bahu. Malinga reports your request has been granted, and we have found your missing bahu. Anandi inquires. He points to Gunjan and exhibits his mother’s bahu. Gunjan inquires. Aaghya claims to be my wife; I have a kid Teni, and she is my mother’s Bahu. Malinga replies no, and I’m referring to her. Pinky claims that I am not married. Emily is my baa’s Bahu, according to Malinga. They are all taken aback. Aarav begins to plummet. Jaman is holding her.

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