Anandiba Aur Emily 22nd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Anandi Permits Aarav For The US Trip

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 22nd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

The episode begins with Anandi passing out on the table. Kanchan tells her that if she doesn’t complete the laddoos, the fast would be over. Aarav and Aaghya force Anandi to do the aarti. Gulab reports that Anandi’s fast has ended, and she has consumed a large amount of food. Aarav says a prayer for Anandi. He brings Anandi inside the room. He looks after her. She spits. He claims that the medications are having an effect on you. Emily is praying for her.

Pinky recognises Anandi’s voice and declares, “I suppose it’s a Cheetah.” No, Emily explains, it’s our Baa, she ate a lot of food and is burping, and I just wanted to assist, but she requested me to go. Aarav says I need to remove Emily since she will constantly remind you of that heavy meal. Anandi sneezes. Pinky wonders how we will sleep with this terrible sound. Emily believes that something will happen in the morning. It’s morning, and Aarav asks Anandi,

“How are you feeling now?” Anandi says she’d want to thank Emily and inform her that she won’t be able to prepare anything until she learns. He believes my choice is correct. She promises that I will have your visa before tomorrow. He cheerfully inquires, “Really, tomorrow?” He expresses sadness and adds, “I mean, I’ll leave you then.” She suggests taking Emily to pagphere tomorrow. Gunjan hears this and decides to take action.

Emily asks if I can make you tea. No, replies Anandi, there is no stillness today. Gulab, according to Kanchan, is not present. Today is the anniversary, according to Emily. Kanchan said my pagphere occurred here 20 years ago, and I’ve been here since then. Gulab said you do a lot for us, so he went to bring you an anklet. Anandi inquires. Emily adds, “I’m excited for my pagphere since I’ll see my pals and Maasi.” Anandi claims that I am also content.

Jaman instructs Aarav to remain in command; Anandi should believe that you are leaving for her sake. Aarav takes the medications and explains they are for your blood pressure. He adds the visa will arrive in a few days and that I have the drugs for you. She proceeds to dial Rathod’s number. Aarav gleefully dances behind her back. She twists. He halts his dance. She tells him to get ready to go to the United States since his visa will arrive tomorrow. She wonders whether you can’t arrange a programme where she stays in Gondal for two days instead of seven.

Aarav says I’ll take her on excursions and that I’ll do everything for you. She walks away. Aarav has informed me that I would be visiting America. Aarav and Jaman do a dance. They embrace. Aarav adds, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time; I’m going to America.” He then goes on to explain, “Emily and I are leaving for America in two days.” Gunjan inquires. He inquires whether you are dissatisfied. She adds, “I’m pleased for you and Emily, and I’ll prepare you some dinner.” Something is amiss, he adds, and you’re faking the grin. She replies no, I’m OK. He claims you’re uptight, but I thought you’d be delighted.

She responds, “I’m not pleased; you’re moving to Pagphere; I wanted you to stay forever; it was your dream.” Bhabhi and Devar’s relationship is similar to that of a mother and son or a brother and sister. He adds, “I can’t stand seeing you upset, so I’ll give you a chance to be happy.” She inquires as to how. Just wait and see, he says. He leaves. She claims that I have to send Emily to America, and that even Aarav is leaving; I know he won’t return, so I had to manufacture some papad to stop them. A woman is on the lookout for her bahu. Aarav and Emily are also looking. The woman inquires about Aarav’s bahu. He requests a photograph. She claims to have it. He answers Jaman’s phone call and walks to Emily.

Gulab returns home. Anandi wonders why you did so much; I’m glad you’re attentive; I’ve baked halwa for you; where is the anklet? Instead of the anklet, he refers to a woman as Payal. Anandi is taken aback. Gulab claims to be my younger sister, Payal. Kanchan says sure, so tell me what you think. Payal is shown about the home by Gulab. Payal says you said Anandi owns a home; it’s a magnificent house; I’ve never seen anything like it. He claims Payal has stated her intention to visit Gondal. Kanchan directs Payal to the room upstairs. She orders the halwa for Gulab. Anandi inquires if this property is a hotel or a guest room.

He declines. She inquires as to why you brought your sister here; you stay here for free; and would you bring your complete family. Don’t worry, he adds, you’ve kept me here for years, and she’s just like me. Emily says Aarav is wonderful; he is bringing me to the United States, where I shall meet my pals; she is overjoyed. The woman requests her bahu from someone. Emily performs a song. The woman claims to sing this like. She requests that the other woman view the photograph. A boy throws a ball to a woman. Her spectacles shatter. The elderly woman walks away after failing to see Emily’s photograph. Emily is seen on the balcony by the woman.

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