Anandiba Aur Emily 20th October 2022 Written Update

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 20th October 2022 Written Update on

Anandiba Aur Emily 20 October 2022

Jaman says, “I’ve got an idea. Riddhi can play your phoney wife, and you can marry her that way.” No, she is my buddy, find any actor, says Aarav. Jaman responds, “No, the actress may change her mind or beg for more money; Riddhi is the best choice.” No, says Aarav. When Riddhi hears them, she responds, “I can accomplish this for you; concept is not awful.” No, it’s a poor idea, says Aarav. Give me a chance to repay the favour; Anandi loves me, so it’s alright if you don’t believe me, adds Riddhi. We believe in you, Jaman adds. Emily, your suggestion isn’t horrible, and our strategy will work, says Aarav. Emily claims that I am problem-free. He gives Riddhi a thank you hug. I’ll never be able to repay your kindness, but I can do something to keep your relationship intact, according to Riddhi. Emily is questioned about her tension. Said she, “Discuss and decide.” She leaves. Jaman goes along. We have no other choice, according to Aarav. Riddhi may become mired in a situation, according to Emily. Riddhi came to assist us, we have given her the truth, and our intentions are good. He advises us to stop deliberating and just concur.

Gunjan is tasked by Anandi to contact Aarav. Gunjan claims that because it isn’t working, Mridula could choose Aarav to be her ghar jamai. Anandi claims that despite knowing my temper, he believes in me and Aarav. Gulab makes fun of Anandi. Aarav returns home in pain. Gets him is Riddhi. Gunjan believes Riddhi is moving very quickly. Jaman is questioned by Mridula about Riddhi’s familiarity. Why do you want to know about her, Jaman queries. He divulges data regarding Riddhi.

When Emily arrives, she makes an inquiry. Jaman claims that Mridula is concerned about you. He tells Mridula not to worry since “good people meet good people,” “everyone loves me,” and “we know you raised Emily properly.” He begs Mridula to stop worrying and to stop adding to Riddhi’s stress. Mridula claims to be familiar with me. Jaman is asked by Emily not to make fun of Mridula. He apologises and leaves. It hurts a lot, according to Aarav. Why did you get harmed, says Anandi. Aarav recollects telling Riddhi about their strategy. The family witnesses his behaviour. How did you get harmed, says Anandi. Aarav claims that I hit a bicycle, but I was really spared because I was about to hit a vehicle; don’t ask how. You determine whether or not we have to inquire, according to Anandi. I saw Emily everywhere, a truck was approaching, and I imagined Emily was sitting above the vehicle. I was heading towards the truck when Riddhi arrived and pulled me away from the truck. As a result, I crashed with the bike and fell over some rocks, injuring myself. His hand is in Riddhi’s.

My life is in your advantage, he claims. Riddhi, according to Gunjan, is moving ahead of you. Pinky makes jokes. Gunjan claims that there is a problem here. Anandi gives Riddhi compliments. You are like my mother, claims Riddhi. Tell your dad to seek for our assistance if he needs it since Anandi believes your parents would be proud of you. My mother is with my father, I came here for work, and I lived in Dharamshala since I had less money, according to Riddhi. She is welcome to remain here, Anandi says, so go collect your stuff. She requests that Gunjan be kind to Riddhi. Yes, Gunjan responds. Anandi is thanked by Riddhi. Aarav beams. I’ll go fetch the luggage, Riddhi adds. Emily sobs as she remembers Aarav. In order to reunite her with Aarav, Jaman urges her to kindly sign the paperwork. Emily is asked by Mridula whether she signed it. No, says Emily. She is urged by Mridula not to sign the divorce papers.

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