Anandiba Aur Emily 20th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Anandi said that after viewing Emily's roti

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 20th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

The episode begins with Jaman inviting Aarav to accompany him to Anandi, stating that all is fair in love and battle. Aarav is friendly with Anandi. He claims that since you were upset after admitting Emily into the kitchen, you yelled when you awoke from your dream. She inquires as to how you know. Just sit and chat to me, he adds. She claims I’m running late for puja. He claims that your stress will not subside until Emily arrives. Gulab says we’ll go check what Aarav is up to. Jaman invites him to join him in playing Garba.

What do I do now that Anandi says Emily is cooking the roti for my fast today? Aarav has suggested that I take Emily to America for a few days for her pagphere. Anandi replies no, you’re not going. He claims it will just take a few days. I vow to return in 5 days, he says. Gulab is stopped from bothering Aarav by Jaman. He dismisses Gulab and Kanchan. Aarav says I’ll take Emily to pagphere for 4-5 days, then other locations here for a few days; you’ll only see Emily for a few days in six months, and you won’t wake up screaming. Anandi smiles and adds, “My fast should go well.” Aarav assures her that she should not be concerned. She walks away. Jaman embraces Aarav.

Anandi said that after viewing Emily’s roti, he is afraid he may pass out. Gunjan asks if you’re okay, sorry, Emily would not have made this error, she misunderstands us, she doesn’t comprehend what we say. She instructs Emily to create a large roti by surfing the internet. She walks away. Emily searches the internet. Pinky says your plan was successful. Anandi will be served the large roti, according to Gunjan. She promises that we shall seem innocent in front of Anandi. Gulab and Kanchan continue to perform the Garba. Gulab, according to Gunjan, had to arrive at this moment. Gulab is halted by her.

She begs Gulab not to bother Anandi since it is her fast. Gulab believes it is difficult to dance and reveal one’s destiny. She motions for him to step aside and dance. Emily appears and offers Anandi a little portion of food. Anandi requests that Emily add additional curry. This time, Emily serves a lot of food. Gunjan requests that Emily serve the pickles. Anandi inquires whether you want to kill me by serving so much. Emily says you wanted me to serve more and that if you say so, I would remove it. Gunjan says no, Emily didn’t do it right, and I’ll handle it.

She requests that Anandi begin the Jaap. She receives a call and inquires, “What, listen to me, but how, alright good, but…” Teni slid down the bike, she adds, and she has to go. Anandi requests that she leave and send someone else. Gunjan says I have to go, but don’t worry, I taught Emily how to cook roti, and she will make a large roti. She requests that Emily serve four rotis to Anandi. She assures you that your fast will be effective if you shut your eyes and do the jaap. She takes action and stands at the door, watching. Emily takes the large rotis and offers them to Anandi. She instructs Anandi to begin. Anandi is taken aback by the massive rotis. Anandi, according to Gunjan, will chastise Emily. Emily claims that Gunjan instructed her to create large rotis, but she was unable to do so. Gulab and Kanchan are both laughing.

Pinky wonders how Baa would eat this by himself. Gunjan predicts that we shall be entertained. Anandi claims that I am obligated to consume everything is provided to me, so why did you serve me so much food? Anandi is concerned. Emily approaches Krishna and informs her of her concern. He requests that she do everything from the bottom of her heart. She requests that he pay attention. He vanishes. Anandi finishes his meal and collapses. Teni did not tumble down the cycle, according to Gunjan, and whatever occurred, Baa is alright.

Emily claims I prepared larger rotis. Anandi believes it was excessive. Gunjan suggests taking the final mouthful of meal. Anandi collapses on the table. Aarav and Aaghya arrive and ask her what happened, and she gets up. Aarav requests water from Anandi. No, Anandi, I can’t have it. Everyone wants it from Anandi. Anandi consumes it. They all rejoice and acclaim him. Gulab claims that I shall serve laddoos to everyone. Anandi’s position is taken by the laddoos. They are all concerned. Emily claims that Baa must consume all of the laddoos. Anandi is taken aback.

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