Anandiba Aur Emily 1st August 2022 Written Update Episode

Emily is hidden and sent upstairs by Gulab and Kanchan

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 1st August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Emily enters the home as Anandibaa chastises Gulab and Kanchan for bringing her in via the front gate. She searches for Jaibala and is happy to see that he has gone to her room. She asks Emily to go inside her room while she informs them about Aarav’s strange behaviour and indicates that she is seeking for him.

Kanchan responds that Aarav is inside his room and attempts to summon Emily, who sees Jaibala’s presence and inquires about her. Anandibaa becomes concerned and informs Emily that she is hazardous and requests that she stay in her room.

Emily becomes suspicious and confronts Anandibaa about the situation, to which the latter orders her to enter the room, claiming that Aarav is waiting for her. Emily becomes agitated upon hearing it and runs into his room. She resolves to confront him about the problem, as Jaibala arrives to speak with Anandibaa.

Emily is hidden and sent upstairs by Gulab and Kanchan, while Jaibala longs to see her. Anandibaa becomes agitated and attempts to put Jaibala inside her room, to which the latter responds that she wants to share her room with Anandibaa. The latter agrees to Jaibala’s demand and tells her she may sleep anywhere she wants.

Emily returns downstairs and declares that Aarav is not in the room, to which Kanchan lies and tells her that he is waiting for her inside his closet. Emily becomes perplexed and refuses to trust her, but Gulab persuades her and returns her to the chamber.

Jaibala returns and admits that she sometimes snores while sleeping deeply. She inquires if Anandibaa would have any issues with it. Which the latter rejects and requests that Jaibala remain exclusively in her room. The latter returns, while Emily arrives and confirms that Aarav is not inside his cabinet.

Anandibaa lies to Emily and sends her back to the room when she becomes suspicious of their behaviour. Jaibala, on the other hand, arrives and requests tea. She sits on the couch to sleep easier, while Gulab and Kanchan place a curtain between Emily and Jaibala.

Emily notices Aarav and approaches him inside the room to question him about his activities. He attempts to make explanations and lies to her about wanting to buy her a present. She feels horrible for ruining his surprise, so she asks him another question, and he lies to her again. She reveals her feelings for him when they lock eyes. He grips her hands and attempts to keep her in the room.

Pinky is also upset that their strategy did not work out. Anandibaa becomes concerned while attempting to conceal Emily from Jaibala, while Gunjan arrives and displays her phoney concern, and Jaibala misidentifies a maid as Emily and presents her. Anandibaa clarifies her uncertainty, but Emily requests to meet with her. Anandibaa becomes uncomfortable, while Gunjan tells her that she may meet her today at her face-revealing ceremony. Hearing about it, Anandibaa is taken aback.

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