Anandiba Aur Emily 19th October 2022 Written Update

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 19th October 2022 Written Update on

Anandiba Aur Emily 19 October 2022

Mridula reprimands Aarav. Don’t chastise him, Emily adds; I asked him to choose his mother. He claims that it is my fault since I love my mother and Emily and am unable to keep them together. Mridula claims that because Anandi defrauded Emily, I would haul her to court. No, Emily responds, I’m trying to win her heart. Understand it, Anandi won’t win her heart now; there is no chance, adds Mridula. According to Aarav, there is only one method to prevent my mother from remarrying me: don’t sign the divorce papers, Emily.

The troublesome Emily, according to Mridula. Emily claims that even if I won’t grant him a divorce, he will remarry. Anandi claims that Gunjan does every task. Gunjan requests that she retain the bhog. If you are here, as Anandi claims, who is doing the puja there? Pinky grins as she turns. When she is seen, Anandi beams. Taking the aarti, she. Why did she dress like you, asks Anandi, when I couldn’t recognise you?

According to Gunjan, she said that since you love me, you should also love her because she wants to imitate me. Pinky affirms. I already adore you, says Anandi. Touch Anandi’s feet, Gunjan commands. Anandi praises Pinky and remarks that she resembles Gunjan’s shadow. What are you saying, you’re asking me to get remarried, Aarav queries. Yes, according to Emily. Anandi will experience problems and come to understand the benefits of having a foreign bahu. It is a silly idea, according to Mridula. It’s excellent, says Emily. Yes, the strategy is sound, but, this cannot happen, says Aarav. It’s not a game, claims Mridula. It will be a false marriage, according to Emily. Where can I locate a female like her who can assist us, he says.

According to Gunjan, the garlands would fall around your neck in this manner once I bring Anandi here. She exhibits her. She claims that if I tell her that it was the Lord’s will, Anandi would be glad and accept you as the Choti bahu. They waltz. Anandi is taken to the temple by Gunjan. She quotes the pandit as saying that Aarav is having a hard time making decisions right now. Yes, according to Anandi, did he mention a solution. Yes, according to Gunjan, he said that a single female must observe a fast for Aarav. How will we acquire the girl, says Anandi. According to Gunjan, Pinky followed the fast and hasn’t eaten since the morning, thus Aarav’s issues won’t go away. Okay, Anandi replies, but how can any female enter Aarav’s life till Emily leaves? Gunjan claims that a new female would make his life better; you must realise that this is something the Lord will hint at. Anandi offers up prayers.

They are spoken to by Riddhi who arrives. I considered accepting your benediction, she replies, since I’ve come for imp work. What work? asks Anandi. Sorry, I can’t tell it right now, Riddhi says. It’s alright, Anandi responds; accept blessings. Pinky replies, “No, I’ll get blessing first.” Yes, according to Gunjan, she maintained a fast. The wreath sways and covers Riddhi’s neck. Anandi beams. If I should meet Aarav, Riddhi asks. According to Pinky, Aarav is wed to Emily, a foreign national. But, according to Gunjan, they are now divorcing.

I can’t do this, according to Jaman. When Riddhi arrives, she welcomes them. He introduces her to Emily. After a polite exchange, Riddhi leaves. The phone of Riddhi rings. It has apparently fallen there. Riddhi’s phone, according to Aarav. He responds to the call. As he is waiting for her in the court, the guy invites Riddhi to come. Everyone appears in family court. Gunjan apologises, water dropped accidentally. Go grab some water, Anandi commands. Gets the water is Gunjan. Anandi claims that Riddhi caressed my feet and showered me with flowers, thus we should think about having her date Aarav since she will win his heart.

Arriving at the court, Aarav and Emily see Riddhi marrying an elderly man. Riddhi is prevented by Aarav from signing the documents. Anandi wants Aarav to marry Riddhi, and Gunjan threatens she will have her pictures removed from the album. Pinky appears.

By making fun of Gunjan. Gunjan claims that he senses a negative omen. You cannot marry that guy, claims Aarav. It’s my life, Riddhi adds; who are you to stop me? He claims to be your buddy and that he can sense your plight. She claims that because he is providing me with money and I need it for my father’s medical care, I will marry him. I’ll give you money, Emily says; don’t ruin your life. You don’t even know me, claims Riddhi. You are Aarav’s pal, Emily claims. Aarav exhorts you to join us. Riddhi acknowledges them. Jaman has an insight.

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