Anandiba Aur Emily 19th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Gunjan addresses Gulab as Parimal baba

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 19th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Emily begins the episode by praying and phoning Kanha. He shows up. She adds, “Today is my first day in the kitchen, please be with me.” He claims, “I’m always with you; why do you need me here?” She claims that she is concerned that she will make a mistake. He instructs her to choose three fruits and stack them one on top of the other in her hand. She is holding it. He requests that she balance it and not let it fall. The fruits have fallen. She apologises and adds, “What will happen now, I won’t go inside the kitchen today.” He replies I was only teaching you, you didn’t have fear in your heart when you contacted me at the temple, fear causes you to make mistakes, becoming terrified of fear, you learn how to get rid of it, and you may be successful when you do. He leaves. She inquires as to your whereabouts.

Gunjan addresses Gulab as Parimal baba. Gulab is duped. He responds, “I have a lot of faith in you.” Gunjan expresses regret that destiny is forcing Gulab dance so much. Gunjan is irritated by Pinky. Gunjan says, “I want you to do something so shameful to destiny that you dance before fate ashames you.” He asks, “I just know Dandiya, how will I dance?” Gunjan suggests that you invite Kanchan to play disco dandiya to reveal your destiny. Kanchan says I’m free to play. Gunjan takes action and disconnects the phone call. Pinky is chastised for messing with the bubbles. Pinky says ridiculous things. Gunjan has a thought. Emily shows up. She claims that I dislike preparing Gujarati cuisine. Gunjan suggests that you first memorise the name. Emily claims she has no idea. Gunjan promises to teach you everything. Emily gives her a hug and thanks her. Pinky inquires as to why you will assist her. Gunjan beams.

Jaman praises Aarav. He demands payment for the praise. Aarav inquires as to why. They are having a discussion. Jaman tells me I need to grab my sister for pagphere. Aarav says I have an idea; I need to take Emily to the United States for Pagphere, but I need to persuade Mum. Jaman says your dream will come true, which is a fantastic notion. Gulab and Kanchan like playing dandiya. Anandi invites Kanchan to accompany her and assist her in the kitchen. Kanchan insists that I fulfil my responsibilities as a wife. She carries on with the dance. Anandi says I can’t make a mistake in the kitchen since it’s my 11-year fast. Kanchan responds, “I understand; I have a seven-birth relationship with Gulab; you ask Gunjan to aid you, and she will.” Anandi requests that she pay attention. Gulab says I’ll up the volume. Anandi claims that Gunjan will assist me as usual.

Gunjan said that if Emily makes a mistake while preparing the fasting meal, Anandi would get enraged and force Emily to leave the home. Pinky deflates the balloons. She believes your strategy will fail. Gunjan twists her wrist. She goes to summon Anandi. Pinky closes the door. Gunjan’s hands are injured as they get jammed in the door. She yells and sobs in agony. Pinky says you don’t have to do any acting right now. Emily arrives and inquires as to what transpired. She notices Gunjan’s hands and grabs her. Pinky believes Gunjan is acting. Gunjan promises to return and inform you. Emily provides assistance to Gunjan’s hands.

Gunjan says I won’t be able to prepare the dinner today. Anandi says I’ll prepare the rotis; I’m seeing the bandages on Gunjan’s hand for the first time; if I don’t, who will? Gunjan instructs Emily to prepare the rotis in order to please Anandi. Emily replies I’d love to, but I’m not sure how to make the roti. Gunjan promises to educate you. She instructs Anandi to go have darshan, feed the animals, and return to break the fast; hot rotis will be waiting. Anandi inquires whether she will be able to attend. Don’t worry, Gunjan replies, I’ll teach her. Emily praises you and thinks you’re the finest. She walks away. Anandi warns Gunjan not to make any mistakes. She walks away. Gunjan says I’ll make a move right now.

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