Anandiba Aur Emily 18th October 2022 Written Update

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 18th October 2022 Written Update on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Aarav is anxious. The call comes in. Jaman queries your location. Home, says Aarav. Jaman commands you to open the door. Opening the door is Aarav. He grins as he notices Emily’s surprise. Gunjan notices them as Kesariya plays. Jaman claims that if anybody sees you, it will be a major issue since Emily took a significant risk. Do you forgive me, Aarav queries. Anandi arrives and examines the paperwork. Seeing Emily, she. Emily claims that you showed me how much you care and that you have shown your love for me. Anandi becomes irate.

To read the file, she is asked. She invites Aarav to see her. Give the documents to Emily when she says, “We already had a word, and you agreed.” Emily queries what this is. Read it for yourself, advises Anandi. Emily is in awe. Anandi asserts that my baby is my property and that he was mishandled; I am now regaining custody of him. Emily sobs. Mridula offers Emily a prayer. Emily claims that you aren’t treating her and Aarav fairly. Yes, I tricked her and forced her to sign the documents, said Aarav. Although I work in ethics and have read the papers, Anandi claims that you are placing the burden on yourself. She chastises them. Mridula dials Emily. Anandi answers the phone and reprimands Mridula. She claims that Aarav and Emily have received divorce papers; if you have seen them, please let me know what they include.

She requests that Mridula drive Emily home. She yells at her a lot. Emily, would you come now or make me feel more worse, pleads Mridula. Emily says I’ll be there. She is asked to go by Anandi. Aarav thinks back to his pledge. She leaves. The names of Aarav and Emily will be removed, according to Anandi. Pinky and Gunjan dance. Gunjan explains what went wrong. You were on the phone, she claims, and Riddhi impressed Anandi. She claims that I have come up with another strategy that won’t backfire. When Emily gets home, she remembers everything. Do you feel better now that Anandi has insulted us and won’t listen to us, Mridula queries. Emily sobs and yells out, “Why did this happen to me? ” Mridula embraces her. She claims that Aarav, your spouse, does not support you.

I can’t stay away from him because I adore him, Emily claims. You don’t need to be unhappy for him, Mridula adds; you won’t be deceived once again, and I won’t allow this to happen. Aarav feels dejected. He is pushed by Aaghya, who grinned. I don’t want to play, Aarav says, asking what are you doing. I came to tell you, according to Aaghya, that you became odd, lost your temper, someone is stealing your life, you are sitting still, it’s your fault, and Emily is getting the blame. Gulab appears and informs Aaghya that she is correct; you do not need Anandi’s consent for anything; only follow your emotions and take action to get Emily. Each of them explains Aarav. Go and urge Emily not to sign the divorce papers, advises Gulab. Hugging them, Aarav expresses gratitude for giving him courage. She won’t sign the documents now, he claims. It’s 1am, Aaghya says; go chat in the morning; take a nap right now.

Aarav arrives to see Emily in the morning. Clapping loudly, Mridula mocks him. She claims that since Emily believed in marriage and wanted to be married there, you and your mother betrayed her by asking for a divorce, so leave the area immediately. Emily observes.

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