Anandiba Aur Emily 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Anandi directs Emily's attention to this location

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Emily meets Lord Krishna at the opening of the episode. She claims that my tapasya has broken. He says the greatest tapasya is acts; you abandoned the hunger of seeing me and went to save the infant; you have shown humanity. She inquires as to why everyone is praying there if you are present. He adds, “I am everything; no one can see me but you; ask me anything you want to ask.” She argues that since you claimed the whole world is a family, why should I leave my family? He claims you believe you are being discriminated against because you are a citizen of this country.

She asks if I may have another opportunity to win Baa’s love since I fought so hard to win the halwa tournament. He claims you care for Aarav and his family, and that your devotion will gain you a chance. She will agree if she asks him to explain this to Baa. He says I may come along, but I’m only visible to you; your unselfish love will persuade them. Okay, she says.

Aarav claims he has no idea where Emily is. Emily returns home. Krishna instructs her to overcome her fear and enter. Emily continues. Gunjan inquires as to who is pursuing her. The woman receives the halwa competition prize. Anandi inquires as to why she is receiving the prize here. Emily’s hand is held by Aarav. The woman adds Emily gets this prize because someone adjusted the halwa, the judges tried it and claimed it was the greatest halwa they’d ever had, so we decided to award you this prize. Emily smiles and accepts the award.

She notices Krishna. He claims that I did nothing wrong, because your halwa included love, and that when there is love, you can never lose. Gunjan interprets it as someone changing the halwa, that individuals have cheated in their hearts, and that Anandi’s adversary intended her attack. Emily inquires whether I will be allowed to enter the kitchen. Yes, Anandi adds, you get an admission since you won. Emily beams. Anandi says we’ll go to the temple and conduct aarti since it’s Janmashtami today. She instructs Emily to fold hands. Emily welcomes Krishna. He laughs.

Anandi directs Emily’s attention to this location. Krishna claims that he is everywhere. Anandi does the aarti and sings the bhajan. They all leave. Emily expresses gratitude to Krishna. He promises to be there for you at all times. She inquires as to how I will contact you and if you have an issue. Krishna says I’ll come when you call me by heart, and you’re delighted you’re in the kitchen today. She says I’ll prepare dessert today. He vanishes. She searches for him. Aarav screamed at the vegetables. Stop, the vendor says, or he’ll chop all the vegetables. Jaman claims his American dream has been shattered; if you allow him to unleash his rage, I will sell your vegetables at double the price.

He requests that the sliced vegetables be purchased. Gunjan is given a punching bag. She strikes the bag. She claims that I was on the verge of forcing Emily to leave, but she prevailed, and that I am now filled with rage. Emily walks into the kitchen. Jaman blows up the poppers. She does a dance on Dholida. Pinky makes fun of Gunjan. Emily praises Anandi for allowing her to enter the kitchen. She inquires, “Are you happy?” She adds, “I will put an entrance in your heart as well.” Jaman claims that if Emily wins Anandi’s heart, she would never leave the nation. Aarav replies, “You know my aspirations; I’m going to America.”

Everyone is anticipating the arrival of the meal. Emily brings out the English breakfast. Anandi observes. She notices that everyone is having a good time. She requests some food. She claims that I don’t consume these items. Gunjan offers her the roti. She claims Emily transformed us, and she wants to become an American. Anandi is allergic to burgers and pizza. Gulab suggests her try the Chinese noodle. No, says Anandi. Emily stops her and says, “You must eat this meal, I will reign here, and you must do as I say.” No, Anandi, don’t feed this to me. She screams as she awakens from her dream. Gunjan inquires as to what transpired. Anandi claims it was all a dream, but I’m not pleased; Emily will run the kitchen, and I’m not going to let that happen.

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