Anandiba Aur Emily 17th October 2022 Written Update

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 17th October 2022 Written Update on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Today Anandiba Aur Emily Episode Starts With Although Arjun’s comment makes me very happy, I now want to forget about the American dream for Emily’s sake since she has become my whole universe. He requests that Emily see the evidence of his affection. His passport is destroyed. No need to burn it, Mridula adds; it’s illegal. I can’t live a happy life without you, Emily, says Aarav. Emily sobs gleefully. Everyone complimented our jodi as we danced together for the first time, according to Aarav. He invites Emily to join him on the dance floor. Jaman beams. Mridula pulls Emily aside and waves a no. Aarav invites Emily to visit. Emily travels with Mridula. Don’t stand here right now or Mridula will contact the police, warns Jaman; just go. We only wanted to demonstrate that you care for Emily. Emily returns and discovers Aarav has left.

Gunjan obtains a kite and performs for Anandi. Anandi queries the issue. Gunjan claims that while Aarav made good on his commitment to you, he is free to do as he pleases. For example, when Emily fell into his lap the final time, we knew his heart had been deeply wounded. If any female approaches the heart’s doors, he will receive her. She is asked to provide instructions by Anandi. Keep your eyes open, advises Gunjan; I’m certain that nature will offer you a clue and you’ll see the new bahu for Aarav. Pinky enters grinning. When will nature provide the sign, says Anandi. Gunjan predicts that it will sign. She says, “Aaghya.”

She remembered tricking Aaghya into helping her with her scheme. Pinky, she signs. She remembers explaining the strategy and urging her to touch Anandi’s feet when she signals. Call is made to Aaghya. He’s occupied. Pinky is told to wait by Gunjan. Aarav sits and drinks. He is prompted to quit drinking by Jaman. No one appreciates my sacrifices, he claims. Anandi claims she is unaware of the destiny Aarav has been assigned. Perhaps the girl the Lord selected for Aarav is coming, according to Gunjan. How long should I wait? asks Anandi. Emily is no longer there, according to Gunjan, but a girl will enter your life and stroke your feet. She will beg for your blessings before showering you with flowers. Anandi claims that it occurs in movies. Yes, according to Gunjan, everything is possible in real life as well. Pinky is informed. She halts. Flowers are showered with Aaghya. When Riddhi arrives, she accepts Anandi’s blessing. According to Aaghya, Anandi became joyful, and Gunjan was correct.

Pinky is shown to be on call by Gunjan. Talking to Riddhi is Anandi. She remembers Riddhi intervening in a demonstration and preventing the police from detaining Anandi. Dad became ill after we left Gondal, Riddhi claims, and I also distanced myself from you; dad has been hospitalised for two months. Are you telling me this now, and what are you doing here, Anandi queries. According to Riddhi, I had come for some employment, and mom is currently with dad. Pinky’s absence is inquired into by Gunjan. As per Pinky, I received an imp notice. She is asked to wait by Gunjan. She has the same thoughts as Anandi. Emily is prompted by Mridula to explain what she is doing. Emily requests that she read it.

Writes Emily Aarav’s aspirations of moving to America have been dashed. He has shown me how much he loves me, and I have come to the realisation that I adore him as well. You grew angry in his affection, according to Mridula, and Anandi won’t allow you meet him. I’ll meet him, as Emily has said. Okay, Mridula replies, but you’ll be harmed. We must accept Aarav and Emily’s signatures on the divorce papers, according to Gunjan. Yes, says Anandi. Aarav arrives. He is asked to sign the paperwork. When he sees the divorce papers, he is stunned.

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