Anandiba Aur Emily 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Pinky claims Emily has already departed

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

The episode begins with Gunjan telling Emily that she cannot go against her principles. Give me another opportunity to prepare halwa, Emily says. Gunjan says you’ll prepare halwa again, and if Baa doesn’t like it, you’ll go. Emily gives a nod. Anandi says it’s not a game, and you’re not cut out to be my bahu. She requests that she pack her belongings. Gunjan claims that only Lord can assist you. Emily bolts from the home. Aarav cheerfully tells Jaman that Emily is travelling to the United States and that I shall accompany her. He goes in search of Emily. He adds I should pack my belongings as well. Anandi inquires as to why.

He insists that I accompany Emily since I am her husband. Pinky claims Emily has already departed. He wonders why you didn’t stop her. Gunjan claims she vanished. He inquires as to where she has gone. Anandi claims she isn’t a good fit for our family. He claims she is all alone, that she is broken, and that you should have stopped her. He goes in search of Emily. Jaman will arrive shortly. He notices Emily and pulls over. He asks whether you’re upset because you lost the competition; don’t be concerned; trust the Lord; everything occurs is for the best. She inquires about a temple. He claims that there are several temples in Gondal. She remembers Gunjan’s words and visits the temple.

Gunjan performs a play in front of Anandi, impressing her. Anandi wishes that every Saas has a bahu like you. Gulab scolds a guy by twisting his hand. The guy takes off running. Emily notices Gulab and inquires about Lord. Gulab misinterprets her and tells her about a guy called Bhagwan. Aarav inquires of Jaman if he saw Emily. Jaman claims she visited a temple. Aarav insists that we find out. Bhagwan disguises himself as a mythological character.

Emily approaches him and says, “Bhagwan, I was hoping to meet you.” Gulab appears and inquires as to his identity. Gulab notices the guy hiding his face. I’ll see where he goes, he says. Emily says she wants to speak to him since he is Lord. Gulab responds, “No, he isn’t the genuine Lord; he is a chameleon who was running in disguise.” When a Saint hears Emily, he grins. Emily wonders where I shall find Lord. Gulab says this at a temple. Emily is leaving.

Aarav claims she’s not here, and we need to locate her. Saint requests that Emily do a tapasya in order to satisfy the Lord. Emily thinks I’m prepared. He says it’s difficult; stand on one foot and promise you won’t move until the Lord grants you a darshan; the Lord tests the devotees; and obstacles will appear in your tapasya. Emily accepts his benediction. She proceeds to stand on one foot. Aarav searches for Emily.

What can we do, Gunjan asks, if Aarav marries someone else and has children, or if Emily returns and claims to be his first wife? Anandi agrees with you. Emily is standing in the rain. She notices a baby wailing. She recalls the words of the saint. She goes to get the baby. She hands over the infant to the saint. He adds, “Don’t worry, I’ll give the baby to the kid NGO.” Emily continues her tapasya. She sees Lord Krishna emerge from the idol and begin to play the flute. She beams.

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