Anandiba Aur Emily 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Emily's halwa and provide their feedback

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

The episode begins with Gunjan instructing Pinky not to use her thoughts while adding salt to the halwa kadai. Pinky replies, “Don’t offend me; it’s a little detail; I can’t make a mistake in this.” Anandi summons Gunjan. If Emily’s halwa is damaged, Gunjan continues, no one can stop you from becoming the bahu of this home. Gunjan approaches Anandi and lies about heating the Nilgiri oil for her leg discomfort. Anandi compliments her. Gunjan beams. Anandi inquires as to what Emily is up to and how her halwa cooking is progressing. Gunjan claims that everything is OK.

She refers to Anandi as a Devi. She says we’ll do one thing: we’ll invite the neighbours to try the halwa, and they won’t like it. Anandi suggests we begin the halwa tasting. She summons all of her neighbours. She adds they will all sample Emily’s halwa and provide their feedback; this halwa is important to me since it represents our respect. Emily transports Anali there. Anandi and Emily communicate via Anali. Gunjan believes that respect is on the decline right now. Anandi claims that the folks would taste the halwa and tell me if it is excellent or not. Emily concurs. Pinky claims I completed the task. Gunjan apologises for criticising you and asks how you added the salt. Pinky remembers coming to the terrace and seeing Aarav and Emily adorning the halwa. She walks away.

Pinky claims Emily left the halwa in the bowl rather than the kadai. Gunjan inquires whether you completed the assignment. Pinky agrees. Emily offers the halwa to them. Anandi invites them to try the halwa and provide their feedback. Gunjan claims that we know what’s in the halwa and that we won’t eat it since we put salt to it. Pinky says she wants to eat halwa. She consumes the halwa.

The halwa is devoured by everybody. The halwa is popular among the neighbourhood. Indu claims that halwa is delicious, but not like Anandi’s. Anandi inquires of Gunjan about the halwa. Gunjan thinks it’s OK. Anandi tries some halwa. She beams. Gulab claims that this halwa isn’t as good as Anandi’s, but it’s not so poor that it can compete. Everyone is in agreement. Anandi replies she agrees, and Gunjan asks what he thinks.

Wait, Gunjan says, I’ll taste again. She tries it and says it’s nice, but Emily, there’s something strange about it; what is it? Emily mentions blueberries as a unique American ingredient. Anandi instructs Aarav to bring the halwa to the competition. Emily requests her blessings. Anandi bestows blessings on her. Emily goes to prepare herself. Pinky is escorted to her room by Gunjan, who scolds her. She claims the halwa was in the side dish rather than the kadai. Pinky claims that you requested me to put salt in the kadai. Gunjan inflicts pain on her in rage.

Pinky is asked to accompany her. She pleads Lord, “Why didn’t you give Pinky any senses, do anything so Emily doesn’t win the competition?” Aarav and Emily arrive to deliver the halwa and record her name. The woman urges them to have a seat since it would take some time. Gunjan shows up. She notices them. She swaps out the halwa bowl. She believes I will wait to see how long Emily will be our bahu. Aarav reassures Emily and tells her not to worry.

Gunjan tucks the halwa dish under the table. When the judge eats the halwa created with salt, she believes Emily will lose the competition. Gunjan assures Pinky that Emily will lose. Pinky claims she can step in and claim victory. Aarav and Emily arrive. Gunjan claims she has been defeated. Anandi inquires as to the outcome of the competition. Aarav requests that Emily inform him. Emily claims I was defeated. Anandi is taken aback. Gunjan says no one can make halwa like Anandi, and my hands aren’t as strong as Annapurna’s, but look at your arrogance; you’ve challenged Baa, right? Anandi claims you recall the condition. Aarav takes a phone call. Emily is asked to recall. Emily says, “Remember, if I win, I’ll get an entry in the kitchen; otherwise, I’ll lose the house.” Hearing this, Aarav smiles. Anandi instructs Emily to gather her belongings.

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