Anandiba Aur Emily 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Written Episode of Anandiba Aur Emily 15th October 2022 Update on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Gunjan opens the episode by reading the letter while grinning. Pinky sobs and declares that Aarav adores Emily. Gunjan invites her to just arrive. Taking off the neck collar is Bharat. He claims that although I can put up with the neck ache, I won’t be able to handle it if a gorgeous client shows up and finds me powerless. He requests that Mridula and Emily sit. He claims that Jaman was lying when he said that two gorgeous women would come to meet me since both of you are much too attractive. We want to purchase our tickets for America tomorrow, Mridula says. Okay, Bharat replies, but I’ve seen you elsewhere; you’re Aarav’s wife.

I was about to tell Aarav the wonderful news that he received his visa; do you want to go there and greet him? Mridula claims that he won’t ever change and that if he really loved you, he would have revoked his visa. I shall comply with her. No, Emily replies; it’s alright; I was mistaken. I have to tell you something, according to Gunjan. She is asked to say by Anandi. Who do you love the most, asks Gunjan, as you sit. Aarav, says Anandi. Who do you trust the most, Gunjan queries. Anandi adds, “He selected me, not Emily, and I love him very much. First, Aaghya, then you, and finally Aarav.” Aarav had gone to visit Mridula and Anandi, and Mridula insulted him, claims Gunjan, shattering their mutual confidence. Aarav is sleeping in his room, but Anandi thinks we should go go and check. Don’t you trust me, Gunjan asks. I’ll check him, according to Anandi. Your heart will shatter, claims Gunjan.

When they enter the room, they find Aarav dozing off in his bedroom. Come, we’ll go and speak, Anandi offers. Who sleeps wearing shoes? Gunjan queries. Aarav, you are sleeping in your shoes, says Anandi. I discovered that shoes alleviate the headphones when Aarav said I had a headache. Lies, you’ve stepped on my head; tell me the truth, says Anandi. Yes, I had gone to meet Emily, he confirms. I don’t want to hear anymore, she says. Come Pinky, Gunjan says; just let it be. Anandi is uncovering a mystery. She commands Pinky to locate what she has discovered. Pinky claims that I have no idea what I’m doing. Anandi claims that I was taken advantage of, I have no right to be here, I feel guilty and can no longer remain, and when I go, Aarav will be set free.

According to Gunjan, I’ll call Aarav. Gulab claims I’ll catch him. He yells and screams out to Aarav. He claims that your mother is stepping outside. You breached your word and lied like your father, according to Anandi. She feels woozy. Gulab asks Gunjan to obtain the bp medications for Anandi. Even if Aarav claims I lied, I can’t betray your faith. Anandi advises Gunjan to ask Aaghya to grab my things as he is my dutiful son if I travel to the ashram. Anandi is given medication by Gunjan. No, says Anandi. Don’t leave the home, advises Aarav.

She requests that he swear that he would divorce Emily and wed an Indian woman. He is startled. Just make a commitment, she adds, or I’ll leave the home. Aarav sobs as he thinks about Anandi and Emily. Gulab claims that your approach is improper.

When asked whether he would rather listen to me or that foreign girl today since it was his Agnipariksha, she said, “No one will speak between mom and son today. If he can’t leave that foreign girl, then fine, I won’t take this medication, I won’t remain in this home.” Can’t Aarav notice Anandi’s suffering, says Gunjan. Make a pledge to leave Emily, Anandi advises. Gulab is depressed. As you mentioned, it will happen, Aarav replies to his mother. He assures Anandi. He predicts that I would get rid of Emily and wed an Indian woman. Pinky and Gunjan grinned. When a piece of art cracks and falls, Emily becomes concerned. She questions why I have a bad feeling that something bad will happen. Anandi embraces Aarav. She is offered medication by him. She accepts.

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