Anandiba Aur Emily 15th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Aarav requests that Emily get the recipe from Gunjan

Star Plus Serial Anandiba Aur Emily 15th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Update

Anandi begins the episode by stating, “I have prepared the list of goods to be bought; why did you erase the items that I listed for you?” Gungun is charming and impresses Anandi. Aarav directs Emily to go upstairs and get the recipe. Pinky turns on the fan. The recipe paper flies off the cover of the magazine. Aarav receives the recipe. Emily looks around and says, “My recipe.” She inquires as to how you obtained this recipe paper. It was a miracle, according to Aarav, that it fell here. But I didn’t find it, she says. Jaman says it’s pointless to inquire; just take it and leave. Emily is leaving.

Jaman says you won’t acquire the nation visa by performing such little things; we’ll deal with this the next time. Pinky visits Anandi. She promises she’ll whisper something important into Gunjan’s ear. Anandi inquires. Pinky yells at Anandi. Anandi inquires as to what I said. Pinky claims Gunjan told her this, so you could question her later. Gunjan claims she is not guilty. Pinky claims Emily obtained the recipe.

Anandi inquires as to what she said. Gunjan claims she placed the dry fruits there so Gulab could eat and finish them. Anandi claims Emily stole the halwa recipe, so I’m concerned. I saw hope in her eyes when she stated she’d win the competition and enter the kitchen. Gunjan claims she would never be able to replicate your halwa. According to Anandi, the competition will be obvious tomorrow. Gunjan visits Emily. Emily apologises for losing my recipe.

Gunjan informs me that this recipe is unique; if you lose it, you will lose the competition, Anandi will force you to leave the home, and I would be powerless. Emily assures her that she will be cautious. Gunjan asks that you swear not to throw away the recipe paper. Emily inquires as to how I intend to operate. Gunjan instructs to keep this in your left hand and not drop it. Emily assures her. Gunjan claims that I reprimanded you and that if you win, I would dance. Emily bursts out laughing. Gunjan says I’m heading to market with Pinky; best wishes. Emily expresses her gratitude. Gulab lights the fire and declares, “I will burn everything, starting with the curtain.” Kanchan appears and inquires as to what you are doing; please do not fire the curtains. He claims I’m going to burn the linens and pillow.

She inquires as to why you want to burn the items. He threatens me with a smack if I don’t burn everything. He narrates a tale of Anandi slapping Phalguni when the fire was accidentally ignited; if I purposely light the fire, she would slap me. Emily isn’t leaving the recipe, according to Aarav, and she doubts we’ll burn it. We’ll burn the recipe, according to Jaman. Gulab arrives. Anandi inquires about the situation. Gulab claims that Parimal baba instructed him to start a fire in the residence. She begs him to stop. He asks if you want to smack me; alright, slap me. She refuses to be slapped. Aarav notices the fire and suggests an idea to Jaman.

What a great concept, thinks Jaman. Aarav wonders what others would think when they see Gulab. He initiates conversation with Anandi. Jaman goes to Emily to burn the recipe and burns some paper. Aarav tells Anandi to go relax. Jaman sets fire to the recipe. Emily requests that Aarav keep her recipe. Jaman instructs her to go grab some water. Jaman performs a dance.

The paper burns till she obtains water. She sobs. Aarav apologises, “I tried a lot, but the halwa didn’t want to be formed by your hands.” She claims that I entered the competition with the assistance of this recipe, but now I’m on my own; please help me. She sobs. No. Jaman signs Yes, Aarav says, I’m with you. Emily wonders how I will impress Anandi and win the tournament. She walks away. Aarav claims that she feels alone here. Jaman intervenes. Aarav claims that we always take her test. Wait, said Jaman. Aarav departs.

Jaman believes Aarav will have a nervous breakdown as a result of her. Aarav requests that Emily get the recipe from Gunjan. She claims to just have one recipe, I lost, I’m a loser. He asks her to relax. He claims you can’t lose the competition since you don’t have the recipe, but I’ve watched mom make the halwa since I was a youngster, and I’ll create it with you. We’ll always encourage each other, and we’ll work hard to produce the halwa. Emily beams. Jaman is overcome with emotion. Aarav promises that we will cook the halwa jointly and that it will be remembered fondly. She embraces him.

Jaman claims that we are so excellent that when we strive to do anything evil, it turns out well. He wishes Aarav the best. Emily learns how to make halwa from Aarav. Tera Fitoor…sings… She claims that if I don’t have a recipe paper, Gunjan will assume I misplaced it and she would be upset. He thinks you’re lovely and intelligent. Gunjan and Pinky arrive. Gunjan claims that if she follows the correct formula, then… Aarav compliments Emily on her delicious halwa.

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